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Wed Jun 18 1997

Books: Morphology

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Message 1: New Book: Morphology

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 18:30:30 +0200 (MEST)
From: Christoph Eyrich <>
Subject: New Book: Morphology

 Wolfgang U. Dressler, Martin Prinzhorn and John R. Rennison 


 1997. 23 x 15,5 cm. V, 207 pages. 
 Cloth DM 168,-/approx. US$ 120.00
 ISBN 3-11-014863-6
 Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs 97

 Mouton de Gruyter * Berlin * New York

This volume presents a selection of papers given at the Fifth
International Morphology Meeting in Krems, Austria, in 1992 which
covered such different areas of morphological research as
morphosyntax, morphopragmatics, morpho(pho)nology, computational
morphology, diachronic morphology, and psycho- and patholinguistic
aspects of morphology. On the empirical side, non-Indoeuropean
languages were prominently represented.


Wolfgang U. Dressler, Martin Prinzhorn and John R. Rennison,
Introduction * Hagit Borer, The morphology-syntax interface: A study
of autonomy * Andrew Spencer, Inflectional morphology and functional
heads * Aaron Halpern, Cluster morphology * Wiecher Zwanenburg, Dutch
prefixes and prepositions in complex verbs * Anna-Maria Di Sciullo,
Selection and derivational affixes * Georgette Dal and Martin Temple,
Morphologie derivationelle et analyse semantique des mots construits:
Les voies de la reference ne sont pas impenetrables * Kersti Borjars,
One (more) reason why we need morphology * Igor Mel'cuk, Grammatical
cases, basic verbal construction, and voice in Maasai: Towards a
better analysis of the concepts * Maria-Rosa Lloret and Joaquim
Viaplana, On the morphological category of gender in Catalan and in
Spanish * Harald Baayen, Markedness and productivity * Nigel Vincent,
Exaptation and abduction


Mouton de Gruyter Walter de Gruyter, Inc. 
Postfach 30 34 21 200 Saw Mill River Road 
D-10728 Berlin Hawthorne, NY 10532 
Germany USA 
Fax: +49 (0)30 26005-351 Fax: +1 914 747-1326 

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