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Books: Oceania, South Asian Langs

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Message 1: Oceania, South Asian Langs

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 11:25:17 +1000
From: mira kwasik <>
Subject: Oceania, South Asian Langs

Corston, S.H. Ergativity in Roviana, Solomon Islands, 1996, vi+84pp.
Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 427 8 A$18.00

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, B-113. Key words: Ergativity,
grammaticalisation, discourse, Roviana, Oceanic, markedness, preferred
argument structure.

This monographs describes the typologically unusual split-ergativity
in Roviana, a language spoken in New Georgia, Solomon islands. The
ergative making is shown to have risen as the grammaticalization of
tendencies evident in discourse, by which new mentions favour
absolutive roles.

Bradley, David, ed. Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics No.14:
Tibeto-Burman Languages of the Himalayas. 1997, vi+232pp. (incl. 4
maps) Softcover.

Papers by David Bradley, Balthasar Bickel, Ross C. Caughley, George
van Driem, Novel Kishore Rai and Werner Winter, Anju Saxena, Richard
Keith Sprigg, Gerard J. Tolsma. ISBN 0 85883 427 8 A$27.70

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, A-86. Key words: Tibeto-Burman;
morphology; numerals; orthography; Limbu, Lepcha; Chepang; Belhare;

Nine papers by ten authors, discussing various issues including the
subgrouping of Tibeto-Burman, verb morphology of varies TB languages
of India and Nepal, numerals in Tibeto-Burman, sound symbolism and the
evolution of orthographies.

Franklin, Karl, ed. Papers in Papuan Linguistics No.2. 1997,
viii+361pp. Softcover. Papers by David Briley, Duane A. Clouse,
Philip C. Fields, Donald Laycock, J.A. LLoyd. ISBN 0 85883 442 1

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, A-85. Key words: Irian; Bauzi;
Orya; Lake Plains; Sanguma.

Three Papuan language areas of Irian Jaya and one in Papua New Guinea
( Baruya tone, an Angan language family member) are described in this
volume. The Irian languages are Bauzi, Orya and the Lake Plains area
- a comparative study. A short contribution on the Tok Pisin,
'Sanguma' is also included.

PAWLEY, Andrew, ed. Papers in Papuan Linguistics No.3. 1997, iii+241
pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 457 X. A$32.20

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, A-87. Keywords: Papuan
languages, New Guinea, phonology, grammar, switch-reference.

The four papers treat various Papuan languages of New Guinea. John
Roberts ('Switch-reference in Papua New Guinea: a preliminary survey')
compares switch-reference systems in 122 languages and reports
considerable variation in the morphosyntactic properties of such
systems. James and Sandra de Vries ('An overview of Kwerba verb
morphology' and Mark Donohue ('Hatam phonology and grammatical notes')
treat two Papuan languages of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, while Eileen
Gasaway ('Burum morphophonemics') describes a language of Morobe
Province, Papua New Guinea.

Lynch, John and Pat Fa'afo, eds Oceanic Studies: Proceedings of the
First International Conference on Oceanic Linguistics. 1997, x+449pp.
Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 440 5 A$51.20

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-133. Key words: Austronesian
languages; Oceanic languages; reconstruction; terminologies;
classification; grammar; phonology; sociolinguistics; language and

This book contains some of the papers presented at the First
International Conference on Oceanic Linguistics, held in Port Vila in
1993. Comparative-historical papers deal with classification (Robert
Blust, Paul Geraghty), remnant languages (Tom Dutton), Proto Oceanic
grammar (john Lynch), and lexical reconstruction (Ann Chowning,
Meredith Osmond, Andrew Pawley, Malcolm Ross). There are descriptive
studies of Tokelauan (Robin Hooper), Nengone (Wassissi Konui),
Mandeghusu (Bill Palmer), Hula (Fa'afo Pat), Tongan (Melenaite
Taumoefolau) and Mae-Morae (Darrell Tryon), as well as on Melanesian
Pidgin (Pastor Bill Camden, Ernest W. Lee, Gillian Sankoff). There is
also a variety of papers of a sociolinguistics nature (G.J. Fox, Helen
Fox, Ross McKerras, Craig Volker, David S. Walker & Richard Leona,
Deanne Wilson), including papers on language and education (Nicholas
Faraclas, Heather Lotherington-Woloszyn, Malia Williams).


Series D-88

Say it in Samoan
MOSEL, Ulrike La'i and Ainslie So'o.i.mosel, ulrike;.i.; So'o, ainslie
1997, ISBN 0 85883 459 6, ix+188pp.
A$34.00 - in press -

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