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Books: Pragmatics, Child lg Acquisition

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New Books from John Benjamins Publishing


Handbook of Pragmatics

Compiled by: Jef Verschueren, Jan-Ola Oestman and Jan Blommaert

The Handbook of Pragmatics aims to provide easy access for scholars
with widely divergent backgrounds, but with convergent interests in
the use and functioning of language to the different topics,
traditions and methods which together make up the field of Pragmatics,
broadly conceived as the cognitive, social and cultural study of
language and communication.The Handbook of Pragmatics will be an
annually updated publication. The main body of the Handbook will be
produced in loose-leaf format in a handsome 3-ring binder and is
preceded by a bound Manual which contains a descriptive catalogue of
all the major traditions and methods related to Pragmatics. The Manual
was written by over 100 contributors.Within the subsequent five years,
the loose-leaf Handbook will provide descriptions of all central
topics and concepts in Pragmatics. After this phase, the Handbook will
continue to be expanded and updated annually. The project is thus a
state-of-the-art source book for researchers.The Handbook of
Pragmatics is one of the major tools of the International Pragmatics
Association to achieve its goals: of disseminating knowledge about
pragmatic aspects of language; of stimulating various fields of
application by making this knowledge accessible and revealing
different points of view and various methodologies; of finding , in
the process, a significant degree of coherence.

The Handbook of Pragmatics is structured in three parts:
1. The Handbook of Pragmatics Manual(xiv + 658 pp.) containing an
 Introductory chapter and a catalogue of all the main traditions and
 methodologies that are related to Pragmatics.

2. The main body of the Handbook published in Ioose-leaf format and
containing in-depth articles of various length as well as short notes
about topics, problems and concepts in the field of Pragmatics,
organized around key-words and presented alphabetically.

3. An annually updated User's Guide providing a complete Index with all
 necessary cross-references to ensure easy access to the information
 available to date.

Parts 2 and 3 will form the loose-leaf updateable body of the Handbook,
 approximately 320 pp. per annum, incl. 3-ring binder for 3-4 years of
Handbook of Pragmatics: Manual
xiv + 658 pp.
US & Canada: 1 55619 503 6 US$160.00
Rest of world: 90 272 5081 2 Hfl.275,--

Loose-leaf binder and first (1995) supplement 336 pp.+ binder
US & Canada: US$97.00
Rest of world: Hfl.170,--

By Word of Mouth.
Metaphor, Metonymy and Linguistic Action in a Cognitive Perspective.
Louis GOOSSENS, Paul PAUWELS, Brygida RUDZKA-OSTYN, Anne-Marie
This volume contains seven synchronic and diachronic empirical
 investigations into the expression and conceptualization of linguistic
 action in English, focusing on figurative extensions.
The following issues are explored: Source domains, and their relation to the
 complexities of linguistic action as a target domain; The role of
 axiological parameter, the experiential grounding of metaphors expressing
 value judgments and the part played by image-schemata, how value judgments
 come about and their socio-cultural embedding; The graded character of
 metaphoricity and its correlation with degrees of recoverability/salience;
 The interaction of metonymy and metaphor, e.g. the question what factors
 motivate the conventionalization of metonymies, which includes the
 perspective that conventionalized metaphors frequently have a metonymic
 origin; The role of image-schemata in the organization and development of a
 lexical subfield, which raises new questions on the nature of metaphor, the
 identification of source and target domains and the Invariance Hypothesis.
Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, No. 33 xii, 254 pp.
US & Canada:Hb: 1-55619-326-2 US$63.00
Rest of World: 90 272 5045 6 Hfl.110,--

Irony in Context
In her book, Barbe discusses verbal irony as an interpretative notion.
 Verbal irony is described in its various realizations and thus placed
 within linguistics and pragmatics. From the point of view of an analyzing
 observer, Barbe provides an eclectic approach to irony in context, a study
 of how conversational irony works, and how it compares with other concepts
 in which it plays a role. In addition, by means of the analysis of irony as
 an integrated pervasive feature of language, Barbe questions some basic
 unstated, literacy and culture-dependent, assumptions about language. Her
 study of irony complements contemporary research in the area of
 conversational analysis.
Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, No. 34 x, 208 pp.
US & Canada: Hb: 1 55619 327 0 US$57.00
Rest of World: 90 272 5046 4 Hfl.100,--

Essays in Semantics and Pragmatics.
Contents: Farrell Ackerman, A Predicate construction: Inversion in Polish;
 B.T.S. Atkins, The role of the example in a frame semantics dictionary;
 Susan Ervin Tripp, Kei Nakamura & Jiansheng Guo, Shifting face from Asia to
 Europe; Seiko Yamaguchi Fujii, Mental-space builders: Observations from
 Japanese and English conditionals; Jean Mark Gawron, Distance in
 construction grammar; Ferenc Kiefer, Lexical information and the temporal
 interpretation of discourse; George Lakoff, Reflections on metaphor and
 grammar; Knud Lambrecht, The pragmatics of case: On the relationship
 between semantic, grammatical, and pragmatic roles in English and French;
 Charles Li, Ancestor-descendant and cultural-linguistic relativity; Toshio
 Ohiro, Remarks on suspended clauses: A contribution to Japanese
 phraseology; Shigeko Okamoto, Pragmaticization of meaning in some
 sentence-final particles in Japanese; Jan-Ola =D6stman, Recasting the
 deictic foundation -- using physics and Finnish; Miriam Petruck, Frame
 semantics and the lexicon: Nouns and verbs in the body frame; Jef
 Verschueren, The conceptual basis of performativity.

Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, No. 32 x, 322 pp.
US & Canada:Hb: 1 55619 325 4 US$94.00
Rest of World: 90 272 5044 8 Hfl.165,--

The MIT Press


McDaniel, Dana (University of Southern Maine), Cecile McKee
(University of Arizona), and Helen Smith Cairns (Queens College),
0-262-13325-3; 390 pp; $45.00. The MIT Press.

The study of child language and, in particular, child syntax is a
growing area of linguistic research, yet methodological issues often
take a back seat to the findings and conclusions of specific studies
in the field. This book is designed in part as a handbook to assist
students and researchers in the choice and use of methods for
investigating children's grammar. For example, a method (or
combination of methods) can be chosen based on what is measured and
who the target subject is. In addition to the selection of methods,
there are also pointers for designing and conducting experimental
studies and for evaluating research. Contributors: Helen Smith
Cairns. Katherine Demuth. Jill de Villiers. Suzanne Flynn. Claire
Foley. LouAnn Gerken. Roberta Michnick Golinkoff. Helen
Goodluck. Peter Gordon. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek. Jennifer Ryan Hsu. Louis
Michael Hsu. Celia Jakubowicz. Laurence B. Leonard. Barbara
Lust. Dana McDaniel. Cecile McKee. Thomas Roeper. Michele
E. Shady. Karin Stromswold. Rosalind Thornton. E-mail: Available for discussion.
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