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Fri Jun 27 1997

FYI: Typology journal, AHL/Dhumbadji!

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  1. Christoph Eyrich, New Journal: Linguistic Typology
  2. Nick Nicholas, FYI: AHL/Dhumbadji! URL

Message 1: New Journal: Linguistic Typology

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 12:30:39 +0200 (MEST)
From: Christoph Eyrich <>
Subject: New Journal: Linguistic Typology



 Mouton de Gruyter * Berlin * New York

Following the founding of the Association for Linguistic Typology
(ALT) in 1994, the 1997 launching of the journal LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY
under the auspices of ALT is another sign that typology is
internationally consolidating its position.

LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY aims to distinguish itself as a forum for the
typological community, catering to its special professional needs. In
particular, these concern the empirical dimensions of the typological
enterprise and the ensuing demands to coordinate research and keep
track of a profusion of data and results. Therefore LINGUISTIC
TYPOLOGY specifically encourages informed dialogue and the proper
recording of past and present achievements. lts content structure is
be diversified, comprising the following regular and occasional

o Articles with peer commentary, complementary articles, other 
 interactive formats 
o Independent articles 
o The Implications Register, documenting the implications on record,
 with known counter-examples, and gradually building up networks of
 registered implications 
o Language Profiles and Family Portraits, from a typological viewpoint 
o Basic topical bibliographies 
o The Present Perfect, featuring highlights from typology as done in the
 past but persisting into the present (hence this section's title) 
o Reviews, multiple reviews, book notices, literature surveys 

Today's typology, done competently, is at the cutting edge of
theoretical linguistics. With no party line to be followed, it will be
poised to discover rather than rehash for some time to come. Its
potential for applied linguistics is considerable, as is beginning to
be appreciated by those who apply linguistics to more than one
language. Language description is rarely done these days in blissful
ignorance of what is on record about the possibilities and limits of
typological variation. Cultural and cognitive anthropology stand to
benefit from being pursued in conjunction with a typology that has
long shed its ideological biases.

LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY appears annually with a total of approximately 400
pages. The membership fee of the Association for Linguistic Typology
(ALT) will include the subscription to LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY. A
substantially reduced price will be granted to the ALT members. Please
contact the Secretary-Treasurer of ALT, Johan van der Auwera, for


The Editors invite suitable manuscripts, to be submitted in triplicate
to the Editor-in-Chief: Frans Plank, Universitaet Konstanz, Fachgruppe
Sprachwissenschaft, Postfach 5560, 78434 Konstanz, Germany
( Instructions for contributors are
available upon request and are printed in the first issue of the
journal. Refereeing should not take longer than two months. LINGUISTIC
TYPOLOGY will be covered by relevant citation indexes and abstracting.


Subscription rates for Volume 1 (1997):

ALT members: DM 98,-/oS 430,-/sFr 96,-/approx. US$ 73.00
 (including membership fee; please contact the

Institutions/libraries: DM 169,-/oS 1.234.00/sFr 150.00 (postage extra)
Single issues: DM 58,-/oS 423.00/sFr 53.00

Prices in US$ for subscriptions in North America only:

Institutions/libraries: $ 98.00 (postage extra)
Single issues: $ 33.00 (postage extra)

 * * *

Institutional subscriptions can be ordered from your local bookseller
or subscription agent or directly from Mouton de Gruyter.


Mouton de Gruyter Walter de Gruyter, Inc. 
Postfach 30 34 21 200 Saw Mill River Road 
D-10728 Berlin Hawthorne, NY 10532 
Germany USA 
Fax: +49 (0)30 26005-351 Fax: +1 914 747-1326 

This and further publications can also be ordered via World Wide Web:
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Message 2: FYI: AHL/Dhumbadji! URL

Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 15:50:10 +1000
From: Nick Nicholas <>
Subject: FYI: AHL/Dhumbadji! URL

Please note that the URL for the Association for the History of Language, 
publishers of the periodical _Dhumbadji!_ is now:

"Assuming, for whatever reasons, that neither scholar presented the evidence
 properly, then there remains a body of evidence you have not yet destroyed
 because it has never been presented." --- Harold Fleming
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