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Fri Jul 4 1997

Books: Syntax

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Message 1: New books: syntax

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:41:22 +0200
From: Rene H. Mulder <>
Subject: New books: syntax

VOGEL, ROOS; Aspects of Tense
Ph.D. dissertation, Leiden University. [HIL Dissertations, 27.]
The Hague 1997: Holland Academic Graphics.
Pb. xi+235 pp. ISBN 90-5569-025-2.
Available on-line from our website.
Price (individual rate): $24/NLG 40 (excluding P&P).
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Aspects of Tense presents a semantic theory of tense, based on data
from Italian, English, and Dutch. By arguing that all tenses
incorporate temporal and aspectual information, the author offers an
explanation for the problematic behavior of tenses in embedded
contexts. This approach allows for a unified analysis of Sequence of
Tenses (Consecution Temporum) and its exceptions.

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XU, DING; Functional Categories in Mandarin Chinese
Ph.D. dissertation, Leiden University. [HIL Dissertations, 26.]
The Hague 1997: Holland Academic Graphics.
Pb. iii+202 pp. ISBN 90-5569-026-0.
Price (individual rate): $24/NLG 40 (excluding P&P).
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Functional categories in Mandarin Chinese examines the internal
structure of Chinese functional projections, such as TP, CP, NegP,
DisP etc. within the framework of the Minimalist Program. It compares
some of these categories, as they occur in Chinese, with their
counterparts in other languages.
 This comparison aims at providing a principled explanation
for some of the crosslinguistic differences that one can attest.
The main goal of this study is to show that if a certain type of
functional category is a theoretical requirement (because there
are languages that have been shown to have it), it will be part
of Universal Grammar and thus be manifested in each individual
language. As will be shown, linguistic variation can best be
explained in terms of strong versus weak features, in the
sense of Chomsky (1993).
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