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Fri Jul 4 1997

Qs: Metaphors, Dehumanizing lg, Tibetan

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  1. Eugenia E. Badger, Metaphors
  2. ALF91, Dehumanizing language of the Holocaust
  3. L. Schurcks-Grozeva, Tibetan language and culture

Message 1: Metaphors

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 97 19:25:03 EDT
Subject: Metaphors

Adjunct Lecturer in Communication
Phone: 256-3830
Dear Linguist List Readers,
 I am working on completion of my Ph.D. and I would like to do my
dissertation on a comparison of English and Mexican metaphors. Does
anyone know if someone has already studied this topic? Also, any
references would be appreciated. Lakoff touches on the topic in
WOMEN, FIRE, AND OTHER DANGEROUS THINGS, but he is not as specific as
I plan to be.
 Thank you for your input.
Eugenia Badger
e-mail: eebadg01 (last two items numerical)
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Message 2: Dehumanizing language of the Holocaust

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 22:44:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: ALF91 <>
Subject: Dehumanizing language of the Holocaust

I am a graduate student with an interest in the writings of the
Holocaust. A recent article suggested to me I might focus my attention
looking at the Nazi use of dehumanizing language and how that
attributed to society perceiving the Jews as "subhumans." I have some
linguistical experience but read no German. I hoped someone might be
able to suggest authors (or titles) who have looked at dehumanization
through language, even if not Holocaust related.

Thank you,

Kelly Alfrey (
Ball State University, Muncie, IN
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Message 3: Tibetan language and culture

Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 17:46:20 +0100
From: L. Schurcks-Grozeva <>
Subject: Tibetan language and culture

Tashi Delek to everyone!!

Since a few days I am back from India, where I studied Tibetan
language. As you guys probably know, Tibet is occupied by the Chinese
and there is a large Tibetan community in India. Many of the Tibetans
in India do not have much money but still they try to organize a home
away from home. I have been studying Tibetan language at the
Manjushree Institute in Darjeeling. This is school is not sponsored by
the Tibetan Government in exile and has very little resources. There
is a library at Manjushree but they have very few books.

If you have any books (or tapes) to spare that deal with Tibetan
language (grammars, dictionaries, etc.) , culture or with (Tibetan)
Buddhism, they are most welcome at:

 Manjushree Centre of Tibetan Culture
 8, Burdwan Road
 Darjeeling 734101

 Remember: certified mail is best.
 SatSiri Kaur, Groningen, Netherlands
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