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Confs: Social Communication

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  1. John Grinstead, 6th International Symposium on Social Communication--Cuba

Message 1: 6th International Symposium on Social Communication--Cuba

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 06:50:29 -0800
From: John Grinstead <>
Subject: 6th International Symposium on Social Communication--Cuba


 JANUARY 25-28, 1999

The Applied Linguistics Center of Ministry of Science, Technology and
Environment in Santiago de Cuba, sponsored by The Linguists
Association of Cuba, the Santiago de Cuba Higher Institute for the
Medical Sciences and the University of Oriente, is pleased to announce
the Sixth International Symposium on Social Communication to be held
in Santiago de Cuba, January 25-28, 1999. This international event
will focus on social communication processes from the points of view
of Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Cybernetics,
Medicine and the Mass Media.

Papers and Posters will be discussed at workshops within the framework of
the following disciplines:

1. Applied Linguistics

 Spanish and foreign languages teaching, translations, scientific
terminology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics.
 Papers related to ethnology, folklore and other aspects of social
communication will also be admitted under this field.
 International workshop: lexicological and lexicographic researchs.

2. Computational Linguistics

 This symposium will discuss work on software design related to:
 Lexicological, lexicographic and grammatical research.
 The compilation of automated monolingual, bilingual and
 phraseological dictionaries.
 Other uses of Computational Linguistics.
 International workshop: Automatic tagging of textual corpora.

3. Voice Processing

 Artificial intelligence applied to voice analysis, synthesis and
 Signal processing.
 Artificial intelligence.
 Different type of hardware and software and their use in the
 devising and developing of voice-processing equipment.
 Voice-processing equipment. Their use in informatics, acoustic
 analysis, and as aid for the hearing and sight impaired.
 Voice-processing research related to "Cry Analysis".

4. Medical specialties related to pathological processes which use speech
and voice analysis.

 Presentations on research results showing the effects of the use of
words and communication for the treatment of various illnesses.
 Interdisciplinary treatment of logophoniatric patients with vocal
tract disorders.
 Results of investigations related to diagnoses of Central Nervous
System diseases through the Cry Analysis method.
 International workshop: Prespeech development and language acquisition.

5. Mass Media

 Language in the mass media.


Santiago de Cuba, located at some 900 kms from Havana, is Cuba's
second largest city due to its economic, cultural and social
importance. Santiago is also the capital of the province with the same
name. Surrounded by the green mountains of the Sierra Maestra range
and the Caribbean Sea, Santiago is unique in its geography and
beautiful landscape. Its surroundings make the city one of the most
important touristic attractions on the entire island. The Organizing
Committee, in coordination with the city's tourist agencies will offer
visiting delegates a host of options allowing participants to enjoy
the city's beauty and charm.


 June 30, 1998: Submission of summaries
 September 1th, 1998: Deadline for paper and reports
 January 25-28 1999: Sixth International Symposium

All mail or enquiries should be addressed to:

Dr. Eloina Miyares Bermudez
Secretaria Ejecutiva Comite Organizador
Apartado Postal 4067. Vista Alegre
Santiago de Cuba 4, Cuba, 90400
Telefonos: (53-226) 42760, (53-226) 41081
Fax: (53-226) 41579
Home page:
Also at:

Official languages: Spanish and English.

 Inscription fee:
 $ 130.00 USD
 $ 70.00 USD
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