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Thu Jul 16 1998

TOC: Relevance Theory

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  1. Francisco Yus, Special volume on relevance theory

Message 1: Special volume on relevance theory

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 22:06:07 +0200
From: Francisco Yus <>
Subject: Special volume on relevance theory

Dear all,

At the end of this month a special volume of our International Journal
Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses" (RAEI), entirely devoted to relevance
theory, will be published. Here you are the contents:

 Volume 11 (1998)
 Editors: Jose Mateo and Francisco Yus


Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson

The Possible Place of Relevance Theory in a Cognitive Explanation of
Josi Luis Guijarro
University of Cadiz

Unembedded Definite Descriptions and Relevance
Robert J. Stainton
Carleton University

Phatic Interpretations: Standarisation and Conventionalisation
Steve Nicolle & Billy Clark
Middlesex University

Is Relevance Theory Asocial?
Mark Jary
University of London

Arousing the Receiver's Involvement by Flouting the Communicative
Marisa Dmez Arroyo
University of Oviedo

Processing for Relevance
Marjolein Groefsema
University of Hertfordshire

Relevance: A Thematic Bibliographical List (more than 500 references)
Francisco Yus
University of Alicante

Relevance and the Translation of Poetry
Marta Dahlgren Thorsell
University of Vigo

Relevance and Modality
Josi Luis Berbeira Gardsn
University of Cadiz

Communication, Information, and Relevance
Fernando Garcma Murga
Universidad Autsnoma de Madrid

When is Relevance? On the Role of Salience in Utterance Interpretation
Rachel Giora
Tel Aviv University

Communication in Relevance Theory
Nathalie Franken*
Universiti Libre de Bruxelles

Roots of Miscommunication
Elena Schmitt
University of South Carolina

Rhetorical Questions, Relevance and Scales
Javier Gutiirrez Rexach
The Ohio State University

Against Blurring the Explicit/Implicit Distinction
Begoqa Vicente Cruz
Universidad del Pams Vasco
UNED, Madrid

Be relevant (relevance, translation and cross culture)
Jose Mateo
University of Alicante

Interpersonal Communication and Context Accessibility in the
Interpretation of Ironic Utterances. A Case Study: Rastell's Version of
La Celestina
M* Angeles Ruiz Moneva
University of Zaragoza

Those analysts willing to buy a copy of the volume should send me an
e-mail, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, providing an address where they can be
contacted in July. They will be sent an order form to be returned with
such details as credit card number, etc. The price of the volume will be
3000 pesetas (roughly 26 dollars, 13 pounds).

If you intend to attend the forthcoming Workshop on relevance theory to
be held in Middlesex next September, you will also be able to buy the
volume there, filling a form or buying a copy if available (there will
be some copies on display). I would be grateful if those intending to
buy the volume there ALSO sent me an e-mail letting me know, so that I
can work out how many copies of the volume I should send to the

I look forward to hearing from you.

 Dr. Francisco Yus
 University of Alicante
 Department of English Studies
 Apartado 99, E-03080 Alicante (Spain)
 e-mail: (home)
 e-mail: (university)
 Tel: (96)5103527 (home)
 Tel: (96)5903400-Ext: 3027 (university)
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