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Thu Jul 23 1998

Calls: Spatial Cognition and Computation

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  1. PATRICK LUKE OLIVIER, Spatial Cognition and Computation

Message 1: Spatial Cognition and Computation

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 16:29:53 +0100
Subject: Spatial Cognition and Computation


 An Interdisciplinary Journal
 Kluwer Academic Publishers

 Patrick Olivier (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
 Stephen Hirtle (University of Pittsburgh)

Advisory Editors:
 Reg Golledge (University of California Santa Barbara)
 Barbara Tversky (Stanford University)
 Ben Kuipers (University of Texas at Austin)
 Lynn Nadel (University of Arizona)

Spatial Cognition and Computation is a new, multidisciplinary journal
based on the assumption that the critical issues pertaining to spatial
cognition and computation lie at the intersection of a number of
disciplines, in particular, cognitive psychology, geography,
neuropsychology and artificial intelligence. Recent years have seen a
growth in the desire of these communities to share insights and
results. The aim of the journal is both to concentrate the presentation
of research into spatial cognition and computation, and to explicitly
encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue.

The journal encourages the submission of articles on any topic on
spatial cognition and spatial computation. Due to the range of academic
disciplines, problems to be addressed by the research should be of a
general interest and authors are encouraged to present their ideas in a
manner that is accessible to the entire journal readership. Research
articles, empirical studies, integrative reviews of the literature and
shorter opinion pieces will be considered for publication. Proposals
for single-topic issues will also be considered.

Specific topics within the scope of the journal include:

 cognitive and computational models of spatial cognition;
 navigation, environmental learning and cognitive mapping;
 cognitive development and representation of large scale space;
 neuropsychology and spatial cognition;
 commonsense and qualitative models of space;
 robot navigation and wayfinding;
 models and applications of spatial and diagrammatic reasoning;
 spatial cognition and visual languages;
 cognitive theories of imagery and imaginal reasoning;
 integration of vision and natural language processing;
 representation and processing of spatial expressions;
 cross-linguistic issues in spatial language;
 sign language and spatial cognition;
 gestural analysis and multimodal interfaces;
 visualization and spatial cognition;
 navigation and orientation in virtual environments and hypermedia.

The first issue is scheduled to appear in early 1999. Instructions on
submission and additional information can be found at:

Any further questions may be directed towards either of the co-editors:
Patrick Olivier ( or Stephen C. Hirtle
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