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Mon Aug 17 1998

Confs: Programme Workshop on Modality (SLE'98)

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  1. BARBIERS, Programme Workshop on Modality (SLE 98)

Message 1: Programme Workshop on Modality (SLE 98)

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:31:39 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Programme Workshop on Modality (SLE 98)

Here is the definitive schedule of the workshop on Modality in
Generative Grammar during SLE 98, St Andrews, Scotland.

Thursday 27 August (St Salvators College room 31):

10.30 Hackl & Nissenbaum: Variable modal force in for-infinitival
	(MIT)			clauses.

11.30 Quiben: On ACD constructions and modals in Spanish.

14.00 Tomic: 	The relationship of negation, modality/mood in
	(Novi Sad)		Macedonian.

15.00	Barbiers:		Modality and polarity.

16.30 Beukema & v.d. Wurff Modals, objects and negation in Late 
	(Leiden)		Middle English.

Friday 28 August (St Salvators College room 31):

10.30 Gronemeyer 	The syntactic basis of evidentiality in
	(Lund)			Lithuanian.

11.30	Golden & Sheppard	Slovene (negative) imperatives.

Saturday 29 August (St Salvators College room 31):

10.30 Snyder 		Syntax, semantics, chicken, and egg:
(Pennsylvania) 		some remarks on the development of modal
				auxiliaries in English.

11.30 Abraham 		Infinitivals, modals and the theory of PRO

For further information about the programme of the workshop, contact
Frits Beukema or Sjef Barbiers:

For information about the SLE conference (travel, lodging etc.),
please consult the homepage: 

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