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Tue Aug 18 1998

Confs: VMC 13 + Wsh Prosody and Meaning

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  1. Geert-Jan Kruijff, VMC 13 + Wsh Prosody and Meaning

Message 1: VMC 13 + Wsh Prosody and Meaning

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 11:03:09 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Geert-Jan Kruijff <>
Subject: VMC 13 + Wsh Prosody and Meaning

The Vilem Mathesius Centre for
Research and Education in Semiotics and Linguistics 

Presents the

Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 13
VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop "Prosody and Meaning"

November 9--20, 1998
Prague, Czech Republic


- ------------------------------------------

The thirteenth cycle of the Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series, organized
by the Vilem Mathesius Centre for Research and Education in Semiotics
and Linguistics (Charles University), will be held in Prague, Czech
Republic, from November 9 until 20, 1998. The scientific program will
consist of the following invited courses (for preliminary
time-schedule see below):

* Emmon Bach (Canada):"Problems of Universal and Parochial Grammar"
* Joan Bresnan (USA):"Optimal Syntax"
* Nicoletta Calzolari (Italy):"Corpus Based Lexicon Building"
* Bernard Comrie (Germany):
 "(1) Advances in our understanding of relative clauses.
 (2) Form and function in reference-tracking systems. 
 (3) Agreement in Tsez (NE Caucasian): a typological assessment."

* Edward L. Keenan (USA): "Language Invariants \& the Role of
 Morphology in Grammar"
* Christian Lehmann (Germany): "Typology of Possession"
* Hans-Heinrich Lieb (Germany): "Words and Word Paradigms"
* Mitch Marcus (USA): <tba>
* Karen Sparck-Jones (England):"Information Retrieval and Language
* Hans Uszkoreit (Germany):"Modelling of Linguistic Performance"
* Bonnie Webber (USA): 
 "(1) Approaching Discourse through Lexicalized Grammar. 
 (2) Natural Language Generation in Health Care."

Among the Czech lecturers invited to VMC 13 are Frantisek Cermak,
Miroslav Cervenka, Jan Firbas, Jan Hajic, Eva Hajicova, Jarmila
Panevova, Jaroslav Peregrin, and Petr Sgall.

VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop on "Prosody and Meaning"

In connection with VMC 13, there will be a special workshop Prosody
and Meaning (organized in cooperation with ELSNET and MATE consortium)
on Friday November 13th and Saturday November 14, for which several
prominent researchers in the domain of speech and language/speech have
promised to participate. There is no special fee to be paid by the
participants of VMC Lecture Series 13 for the participation at the
workshop. There is a nominal fee of USD 60 for people wishing to
participate in the workshop only. The fee covers accommodation
(incl. breakfast) for three nights (in double rooms, shared occupancy,
in the same hotel where the workshop takes place) and lunches for the
2 working days.

- ------------------------------------------

Tentative time-schedule (may be subject to change):

WEEK 1 (Monday 9.11 - Firday 13.11)

 9.30 - 11.00 11.30 - 13.00 14.30 - 16.00 16.30 - 18.00

 9.11. Bresnan Keenan Bach Calzolari
10.11. Bresnan Keenan Bach
11.11. Bresnan Keenan Calzolari 
12.11. x x Bach Calzolari 

VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop "Prosody and Meaning" - 
 Friday November 13 and Saturday November 14.

WEEK 2 (Monday 16.11 - Friday 20.11)

16.11. Marcus Uszkoreit Comrie Sparck-Jones
17.11. Marcus Uszkoreit Comrie Sparck-Jones
18.11. Webber Uszkoreit Lehmann Sparck-Jones
19.11. Webber Marcus Lehmann Comrie
20.11. Webber Lehmann Lieb Lieb 

- ------------------------------------------

The participation fee for VMC 13 is USD 350, which includes tuition
fee, accommodation, and lunches. In order to ensure accommodation,
(paying) participants should register before *SEPTEMBER 15, 1998*.

The participation fee for the VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop is USD 60, for
those not registered for the Lecture Series. The fee covers
accommodation (incl. breakfast) for three nights (in double rooms,
shared occupancy, in the same hotel where the workshop takes place)
and lunches for the 2 working days.

There is financial support available for students from Germany, via
the Goethe Institut and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG):

Studenten sollen sich an die R. Bosch-Stiftung wenden,
Promovierte an die DFG (s. unten), anfhrend, da sie eine
internationale Begegnung von Studenten aus etwa 15 Lndern
West-, Mittel- und Osteuropas mit guter Tradition besuchen
wollen, die an eine Tagung des Vilem-Mathesius-Zentrums der
Karlsuniversitt anknpft, und da sie diese Adresse von Dr.
Michael de la Fontaine, Goethe-Institut Prag, bekommen
haben. Ihre Reise, Aufenthalt von zwei Wochen im Hotel
Krystal und ein per-diem, das neben anderem das Mittags- und
Abendessen versichern kann, soll ihnen bezahlt werden.

Robert Bosch-Stiftung
c/o Dr. Peter Theiner
Leiter des Programms fr Internationale Verstndigung
Heidehofstr. 31
70184 Stuttgart

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Organisationsplan der Geschftsstelle
Kennedyallee 40
53170 Bonn

Please contact Mrs. Brdickova or Prof. Hajicova at the following
address for registration or further information.

 Mrs. Libuse Brdickova
 Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
 Malostranske nam. 25
 CZ-11800 Praha 1
 Czech Republic
 (phone) ++420-2-2191-4278
 (fax) ++420-2-2191-4309

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