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Tue Aug 18 1998

Sum: Rusyn Orthography

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  1. John Hudson, Sum. Rusyn Orthography

Message 1: Sum. Rusyn Orthography

Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 17:19:53 -0700
From: John Hudson <>
Subject: Sum. Rusyn Orthography

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my enquiry regarding the new
Rusyn orthography, particularly Don Reindl and Elaine Rusinko, who
were kind enough to mail me copies of relevant articles.

I have put a jpeg graphic online at

This graphic shows the full Rusyn orthography as recognised and
officially adopted in Slovakia in 1995. The graphic does not indicate
phonetic values for the letters, which are not a consideration in the
project I am working on. I will leave the graphic on our website for
the next two months.

My principal sources for this orthography are

_Orfograichnyi Slovnyk Rusyn'skoha Iazyka._ Rusynska obroda.
 Presov, 1994.

Jabur, Vasyl'. 'Select Aspects of the Rusyn Language Norm
 in Slovakia' in _A New Slavic Language is Born: the Rusyn
 Literary Language of SLovakia._ ed. Paul Robert Magosci.
 Columbia University Press. New York. 1996.

John Hudson

Tiro Typeworks
Vancouver, BC
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