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Wed Jan 7 1998

Sum: Preverbal utterance planning

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  1. Crookston, Ian [HES], Preverbal utterance planning

Message 1: Preverbal utterance planning

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 97 11:15:00 PST
From: Crookston, Ian [HES] <>
Subject: Preverbal utterance planning

On 27 November I submitted the following query:

Does anyone know of any undergraduate reading about the preverbal aspects of 
utterance planning? (Or "conceptualisation", to use Levelt's term). I teach 
things about it, and in itself it is a nice student-friendly topic, but the 
psycholinguistics textbooks don't seem to deal with it (my students 
certainly don't count Levelt's _Speaking_ as a textbook).

Subareas include:
relationship of attention and encycopaedic memory to definiteness;
"linearisation" of a complex piece of information into a string of sentences
"perspective" (ie why you don't say _The fridge is on top of your pen_)

The sole "respondee" (as one of my managers would put it) was Eleanor 
Batchelder, and her suggestions were:

Hand and Mind by David McNeill, University of Chicago Press, 1995

Conversational Organization and Its Development, ed. Bruce Dorval,
Vol. 38 in the series Advances in Discourse Processing, Ablex

Tannen, Deborah (1989), Talking voices: Repetition, dialogue, and
imagery in conversational discourse, Cambridge: Cambridge University

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