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Confs: B.U.--Language Development 1998

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  1. mco, B.U.Conf on Language Development 1998

Message 1: B.U.Conf on Language Development 1998

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 16:39:11 -0400
From: mco <>
Subject: B.U.Conf on Language Development 1998

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			 November 6, 7 and 8, 1998

The 1998 Conference will be held at Boston University in the George
Sherman Union. This announcement includes a preliminary schedule of
talks and electronic registration materials. To receive electronic
copies of the Conference program, general and travel information, and
the registration form, send a blank message to
"". This information is also available on our
web page at

Please feel free to contact the Conference Office at (617) 353-3085,
or e-mail at if you have any questions.

Please note that hotel prices continue to rise. We have secured a few
blocks of rooms at conference rates, and have found a travel agent and
consolidator who can help you find the lowest prices. Their names and
numbers are included at the end of this announcement. For more
details, see our web page or send email to

If you are on our mailing list you should receive this information by
surface mail sometime before September 25.

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 (Final schedule may differ due to cancellations and changes.)


9:00 Two kinds of structurally different English bare forms - Guasti,
M. Teresa; Rizzi, Luigi

9:30 The eventivity constraint and modal references effect in root
infinitives - Hoekstra, Teun; Hyams, Nina

10:00 Aspect and its temporal interpretation during the optional
infinitive stage in Russian - Avrutin, Sergey; Babyonyshev, Maria;
Brun, Dina

11:00 Acquiring tense in form and meaning - Wagner, Laura

11:30 Past time reference in Chinese children's speech - Huang,

12:00 Innateness and the acquisition of grammatical aspect via lexical
aspect - Olsen, Mari Broman; Weinberg, Amy

2:00 Periphrastic questions and the acquisition of simple inversion in
French - Plunkett, Bernadette; De Cat, Cecile

2:30 When an island is not an island: Long-distance questions in
Singapore Malay - Hermon, Gabriella; Aman, Norhaida

3:00 The acquisition of French WH revisited - Hamann, Cornelia

4:00 The acquisition of binding in Arabic - Bolotin, Naomi

4:30 The role of the clitic-pronoun distinction in the acquisition of
pronominal coreference - Baauw, Sergio

5:00 Lack of clitic-pronoun distinctions: In the acquisition of
Principle B in child Greek - Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Karafoti,
Panagiota; Karzi, Barbara


9:00 Attribution of verb agreement, argument structure and case
marking to older Nicaraguan home signers is unwarranted - Kegl, Judy;
Morgan, Gary; Spitz, Ronny; Kyle, Jim

9:30 Stages in the development of grammatical space - Trevino,
Esthela; Hawayek, Antoinette

10:00 Narrative development without linguistic input - Phillips,
Sarah; Goldin-Meadow, Susan; Miller, Peggy.

11:00 Gender assignment to German nonsense words: What does the native
speaker know that the non-native speaker doesn't? - Levine, Glenn

11:30 Initial states, end-states, and residual optionality in L2
acquisition - Sorace, Antonella

12:00 Optimality in English non-native grammars: Differences between
L1A and L2A - Klein, Elaine; Casco, Monica

2:00 Variation and emerging faithfulness in phonological acquisition -
Dinnsen, Daniel A.; McGarrity, Laura W.

2:30 An argument for adjuncts: Evidence from a phonologically
disordered system - Barlow, Jessica

3:00 Learning and the representation of complex onsets - Gierut,

4:00 Incomplete L1 acquisition: The morphosyntax of Kaspar Hauser -
Louden, Mark

4:30 Grammatical impairment in a new family with FLI: The 'M' family -
Curtiss, Susan; Kemmerer, David; Klebaum, Pamela

5:00 The contribution of heredity to early vocabulary and grammatical
development: A twin study - Ganger, Jennifer; Pinker, Steven; Baker,
Allison; Chawla, Sonia


9:00 Word learning without aid from syntax: How do Japanese children
learn proper nouns and common nouns? - Imai, Mutsumi; Haryu, Etsuko

9:30 The acquisition of nouns and verbs in young Japanese children:
Why do verbal nouns emerge early? - Yamashita, Yoshie

10:00 The role of syntactic structure in the interpretation of proper
nouns - Prasada, Sandeep; Choy, Josephine

11:00 Sensitivity to phonotactic probabilities in preverbal speech
segmentation - Morgan, James L.

11:30 Five-month-old infants' discrimination of languages - Nazzi,
Thierry; Jusczyk, Peter W.

12:00 Multiple sources of stress in infant-directed speech - Bortfeld,
Heather; Morgan, James L.

2:00 Spatial language in children with Williams Syndrome - Zukowski,
Andrea; Landau, Barbara

2:30 Word formation in children with Williams Syndrome (WS): Evidence
from noun plurals and compounding - Clahsen, Harald; Almazan, Mayella

3:00 Language acquisition in Sturge Weber Syndrome - de Bode, Stella;
Curtiss, Susan

4:00 A cross-linguistic study of childrens' acquisition of object and
substance words - Subrahmanyam, Kaveri; Chen, Hsin-hua Nancy

4:30 Origins of the shape bias - Bloom, Paul; Markson, Lori;
Diesendruck, Gil

5:00 Two for one: Learning to count visitors differently from persons
- Sharpe, Dean

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 8:00 Keynote Address: Peter Jusczyk, Johns Hopkins University
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


9:30 Compounds and complex predicates: Japanese evidence for a
'global' parameter - Miyoshi, Nobuhiro

10:00 Cross-linguistic differences in children's syntax for locative
verbs - Kim, Meesook; Landau, Barbara; Phillips, Colin

10:30 Evidence for early convergence from child Russian and Catalan
imperatives - van Gelderen, Veronique; Grinstead, John; Hoekstra, Teun

11:30 Finiteness markers and past-tense morphology by French-speaking
children with SLI - Jakubowicz, Celia; Nash, Lea

12:00 On-line lexical processing in specifically language impaired and
normally-developing children - Jones, Melanie J.; van der Lely,

2:00 Subject-object asymmetries and children's left branch violations
- Yamane, Maki; Chen, Deborah; Snyder, William

2:30 Case dropping and unaccusatives in Japanese acquisition -
Miyamoto, Edson T.; Wexler, Kenneth; Aikawa, Taikako; Miyagawa,

3:30 Phonological and syntactic tradeoffs in acquisition - Stromswold,
Karin; Arnold, Karen; Rauf, Leila

4:00 Wh-movement in specifically language impaired children - van der
Lely, Heather; Battell, Jackie


9:30 Adjectives really do modify nouns: 24- and 36-month-olds'
acquisition of adjectives - Mintz, Toben; Gleitman, Lila

10:00 Children's use of syntactic and semantic information in learning
proper names - Sorrentino, Cristina

10:30 Young children recruit multiple sources of information to learn
words - Saylor, Megan; Sabbagh, Mark; Baldwin, Dare

11:30 Creolization in zebra finch song: Improving on the input? -
Eigisti, Inge-Marie; Newport, Elissa; Aslin, Richard; Nordeen, Ernest;
Williams, Heather; Nordeen, Kathy

12:00 Creolization: Could adults have really done it all? - Hudson,
Carla; Newport, Elissa

2:00 The acquisition of topic-prominent features in L2 Korean - Jung,
Euen Hyuk

2:30 Semantics, pragmatics and second language acquisition: The case
of combien ... de extractions - Dekydtspotter, Laurent; Sprouse, Rex;
Swanson, Kimberley; Thyre, Rachel

3:30 The L2 acquisition of agentive verbs of directed motion in
English - Montrul, Silvina

4:00 The complex-predicate / N-N compounding connection in L2
acquisition - Slabakova, Roumyana


9:30 Finiteness and variability in SLA: More evidence for the Missing
Inflection Hypothesis - Prevost, Philippe; White, Lydia

10:00 Suppletive agreement in second language acquisition - Lardiere,

10:30 Abstract features in L2 competence - Beck, Maria; Eubank, Lynn;
Callarman, Brian; Hanke, Susan; Melvin, David; Nelson, Nancy; Smith,

11:30 To be announced

12:00 Preliterate children's syllabification of intervocalic
consonants - Zamuner, Tania; Ohala, Diane

2:00 Constraints on language acquisition: Evidence from artificial
grammar learning - Saffran, Jenny

2:30 7-month-old infants can learn rules - Marcus, Gary; Vijayan,
Sujith; Rao, Shoba; Vishton, Peter

3:30 Syntactic cues to word meaning: Initial expectations and the
development of flexibility - Klibanoff, Raquel Stote; Waxman, Sandra

4:00 The successes and failures of word-to-world mapping - Snedeker,
Jesse; Gleitman, Lila; Brent, Michael

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
12:30-2:00 Lunchtime Symposium: 'Wug' is a magic word: Celebrating
Jean Berko Gleason's Contributions to the Study of Input,Politeness,
Morphology, and the Lexicon
 * * * * * * * * * *
 5:00 Plenary Address: Jane Grimshaw, Rutgers University
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


9:30 Root infinitives and the licensing of null heads: Evidence from
Swedish child language - Josefsson, Gunlog

10:00 Developmental observations on the auxiliary Do and the optional
infinitive hypothesis - Sano, Tetsuya

10:30 Root infinitives and null subjects in early Icelandic -
Sigurjonsdottir, Sigridur

11:30 The triggering problem in the acquisition of determiners: Data
from Italian - Bottari, Piero; Cipriani, Paola; Chilosi, Anna Maria;
Pfanner, Lucia

12:00 Syntactic and metric constraints on children's function
morphemes - Becker, Misha

12:30 An interface approach to the early omission of articles -
Chierchia, Gennaro; Guasti, M. Teresa; Gualmini, Andrea

2:30 Scrambling in acquisition: SOV languages considered - Sarma,

3:00 The acquisition of verb-placement in Swiss German -
Schonenberger, Manuela

3:30 Evidence of early mastery of head movement in child Russian -
Bar-Shalom, Eva


9:30 Prosodic constraints on the emergence of grammatical morphemes -
Demuth, Katherine; Lleo, Conxita

10:00 More than meets the ear: Rethinking weak syllable omissions -
Carter, Allyson

10:30 Infants' sensitivity to function morphemes - Shady, Michele;
Jusczyk, Peter; Gerken, LouAnn

11:30 The second language acquisition of Spanish word order for
unaccusative verbs - Hertel, Tammy Jandrey; Perez-Leroux, Ana Teresa

12:00 Adult SLA of se constructions in Spanish: Evidence against
pattern learning - Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce

12:30 Object omissions in bilingual children: Evidence for
crosslinguisic influence - Muller, Natascha; Hulk, Aafke; Jakubowicz,

2:30 Presuppositional quantification, Plausible Dissent, and the
development of children's pragmatic competence - Drozd, Kenneth F.

3:00 Dutch children's interpretations of focus particle constructions
- Drozd, Kenneth; van Loosbroek, Erik

3:30 What every child doesn't know - Musolino, Julien


9:30 Coherence and complexity in 3- and 4-year-olds' narratives -
Johnson, Carolyn; Gibney-Findlay, Kimberley

10:00 Learning how to 'search for the frog': Expression of manner of
motion in English, Spanish and Turkish - Slobin, Dan I.; Ozcaliskan,

10:30 Cognitive prerequisities for modal verb acquisition - Gonsalves,
Joanna; Falmagne, Rachel Joffe

11:30 The acquisition of formal and informal language by Japanese
preschool children - Nakamura, Keiko

12:00 What explains the SES-related difference in children's
vocabularies and what does that reveal about the process of word
learning? - Hoff-Ginsberg, Erica

12:30 The role of classifiers in predicting English literacy skills
among Deaf adults - Anthony, Michelle; Fuller, Nancy

2:30 Bilingual 3- and 5-year-olds' communicative competence - Cormeau,
Liane; Mendelson, Morton J.; Genesee, Fred

3:00 Evidence of early language differentiation in bilingual Basque
children - Austin, Jennifer

3:30 Parsing preferences in fluent Spanish-English bilinguals: Some
preliminary findings - Dussias; Paola


****Conference Registration/Fees

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