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TOC: Glot International

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  1. Rint Sybesma, ToC Glot International 3-6 (Helen Dry on the history of LINGUIST!)

Message 1: ToC Glot International 3-6 (Helen Dry on the history of LINGUIST!)

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 13:08:59 +0200
From: Rint Sybesma <>
Subject: ToC Glot International 3-6 (Helen Dry on the history of LINGUIST!)

Table of Contents of Glot International, Vol. 3, Issue 6

with a guest column by Helen Dry on the history of the LINGUIST List!

Editors: Lisa L.S. Cheng and Rint Sybesma
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Floating quantifiers: handle with care 
by Jonathan David Bobaljik

"The claim that since (1a) and (1b) "mean" the same, they must be
transformationally related relies on the tacit assumption that there
would be no other way for the two sentences to mean the same. The
brief discussion of adverbial quantification above is intended to show
not that this assumption is false, but that the question is still open."

Guest Column/Goodies
The linguist list A personal history
by Helen Dry

"Behind the scenes, linguist editorial work is partly editing an
academic journal and partly a mix of librarianship, amateur electronics
and keeping up with 10,000 pen pals."

On pitch accent phenomena in Standard Japanese
by Yuko Yoshida (SOAS, 1995), reviewed by Nancy Ritter

Book reviews
The Infinite Economy of Complementation
Or: The Return of the New England Linguistic Society
by Marcel den Dikken 
review of The syntax of nonfinite complementation. An Economy
by Zeljko Boskovic (MIT Press 1997).

Verbal morphology, Case marking and telicity
by Toshiyuki Ogihara
review of Aspect and predication: the semantics of argument structure
by Gillian C. Ramchand (Clarendon/Oxford, 1997)

The Number of Death
A Linguistic Mystery in Eight Installments
by Chris Sidney Tappan
Chapter 5: Where is the evidence?

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