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Wed Oct 14 1998

Sum: Phrasal verbs

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  1. Stefan Thomas Gries, Phrasal Verbs

Message 1: Phrasal Verbs

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 12:31:31 +0200
From: Stefan Thomas Gries <>
Subject: Phrasal Verbs

Several weeks ago I posted a query concerning
(i) the frequency of transitive phrasal verbs (such as 'to
pick up') in everyday English;
(ii) publications that contain lists of verbs that can
undergo Particle Movement and/or Dative Movement;
(iii) the idiom project L.A.D.L. at the Universit de Paris

First of all, my thanks for their contributions go to:
Ming-Wei Ernest Lee
Hany Babu
Chris Hogan
Bruce Fraser
Sean M. Witty
Mike Ford
Stanley Legum

In what follows, I want to briefly summarise the answers I

1) Information on the frequency of transitive phrasal verbs
can be found in the:
Collins COBUILD dictionary of phrasal verbs (London:
Collins, 1989)
Suzanne Corpus
Wordnet (
CELEX database (

2) Information on publications containing lists of verbs
that can undergo Dative Movement and/or Particle Movement :
I did not really get any publications of that sort. However,
I was given some references on transitive phrasal verbs in
Bolinger, Dwight D. 1971. The Phrasal Verb in English.
Cambridge: Harvard University Press
Fraser, Bruce. 1976. The Verb-Particle Construction in
English. New York: Academic
Legum, Stanley E. 1968. The Verb-Particle Construction in
English, Basic or Derived?. CLS 4

Meanwhile, I have also greatly benefitted from the 'Oxford
Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs' and the 'Cambridge
International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs'.

I did not receive any information concerning the idiom
project at the Universit de Paris 7. I would still
appreciate any help on both the project or the email
addresses of Peter A. Machonis and Peter Freckleton.

Again, thanks a lot to those who sent me their comments and

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