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Wed Nov 4 1998

Disc: Change in Policy: New Topic "SUPPORT"

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  1. The LINGUIST List, Change in Policy: New Topic

Message 1: Change in Policy: New Topic

Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 16:13:11 -0500 (EST)
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Change in Policy: New Topic

Dear Subscribers:

In the past LINGUIST has always refrained from posting announcements
of graduate assistantships and of awards for the support of students,
except where these come as part of a new program in linguistics. This
policy was put in place for a simple and practical reason: we were
afraid we would be overwhelmed by notices from programs which had a
natural and understandable need to advertise themselves.

Representations from individuals have made us more and more conscious
that this is a problematic policy. Part of the reason for the
existence of LINGUIST is to advance the discipline of linguistics.
Making students of linguistics aware of opportunities for support in
their studies is surely part of that.

We've decided, therefore, to revise our policy. We've instituted a
new LINGUIST topic, called, "Support", under which rubric we will
advertise any opportunity for students which is aimed at supporting
their efforts to gain a degree, including graduate assistantships. We
will also include in this grouping any fellowships offered, including
post-doctoral fellowships. These will no longer be posted as "jobs."

All subscribers to LINGUIST who have not set options for topics will
be sent issues posted under this new topic automatically. If you have
set your options to include only certain topics, you will only receive
this category of postings if you send the following message:


to the address:

If you do not wish to receive this topic, send the listserv, at the
address above, the following message:


We'd be happy to hear your views on this change of policy. Please
feel free to contact us.

The Moderators,
Anthony, Helen & Andrew.
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