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Fri Nov 6 1998

TOC: Language and Speech, Issue 1

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  1. Vadim B. Kassevitch, New Journal "Language and Speech"

Message 1: New Journal "Language and Speech"

Date: Thu, 5 Nov 98 00:14:45 +0300
From: Vadim B. Kassevitch <>
Subject: New Journal "Language and Speech"

TOC: LANGUAGE AND SPEECH: Journal of the Linguistic Society of
St. Petersburg (vol.1, 1998) Published annualy, in Russian and English

Editor-in-Chief: Vadim B. Kassevitch

Editorial Board: V.Berkov, S.Bogdanov, A.Bondarko, L.Bondarko,
A.Domashnev, A.Gerd, S.Iljenko, N.Kazansky, S.Khrakovsky, Yu.Kleiner
(Associated Editor), A.Muratov, M.Sabaneeva, N.Svetozarova (Managing
Editor), I.Steblin-Kamenskij, N.Vaxtin, L.Verbitskaja


Sakharny L.V., Topic-Comment Structures in Discourse: Some Basic

Bondarko A.V., A Functional Model of Grammar (Theoretical Foundations,
Results and Perspectives)

Kassevitch V.B., Ontolinguistics, Typology, and the Rules of Language

Gorbov A.A., Aktionsart in its Relation to the Aspect

Wiemer B., Narrative Units and Chronology Factors in Polish and German

Gsell R., On Verb Serialization in Standard Thai

Zimmerling A., The Story of a Polemic

Dios Luque Duran, J. de Posas F., The Spanish National Character as
Mirrored in the Spanish Language: The Worldview and the Language

Sukhachev N.L., Kazansky N.N., Semantics and Deep Level Indo-European

Diakonoff I.M., External Connections of the Sumerian Language

Liberman A.S., A New Etymological Dictionary of Modern English

Kolesov V.V., Russian Linguistics in St. Petersburg: Methodological

Cherdakov D.N. A.S.Shishkov and A.Kh.Vostokov: the Relation between
Traditionalism and Innovations in the History of Russian Philology

Khrakovsky V.S., Ogloblin A.K., The Kholodovich School

Bondarko L.V., Phonetics and Linguistics (65th Anniversary of the
Department of Phonetics)

Zinder L.R., V.M.Zhirmunsky and Inseldialektologie

Steblin-Kamenskij M.I. Professor Shcherba as an Examiner


Kurylowicz Memorial Volume (Kazansky N.N.); The Russian Language of
the Late 20th Century (1985-1995) (Iljenko S.G., Chernyak V.D.).

Conference Reports

24th Annual Conference at the Faculty of Philology, University of
St. Petersburg (Arkhiipova E.A., Bogdanova N.V.); Herzen Conference
(Dymarsky M.Ya., Chernyak V.D.); Classical Languages and Indo-European
Linguistics: I.M.Tronsky Memorial Conference (Kryuchkova E.R.); 16th
International Congress of Linguists (Kassevitch V.B.); 13th
International Conference on Historical Linguistics (Kleiner Yu.A.,
Perekhval'skaya E.V., Rusakov A.Yu., Svetozarova N.D.); The Child
Language (Kazakovskaya V.V.).

In the Seminars of the Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg
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