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Fri Nov 20 1998

Books: English Verb Morphology

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  1. arus, Book: English verbs

Message 1: Book: English verbs

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 22:53:35 -0500 (EST)
From: arus <>
Subject: Book: English verbs

Author: Eugene M.Russakovskii, Associate Professor, Kharkov
 State Automobile & Highway Technical University (XADI),
 Kharkov, Ukraine.
Title: "Encyclopedia of English Verb Forms: Rules & Exceptions"
Publishing houses:
 "Karavella" (Kharkov, Ukraine);
 "Prestige" (Moscow, Russia)
Year of publication: 1998
ISBN's: 966-586-036-4,
Language: Russian (verb tables are given in English)
Price: $30 + shipping and handling

 "Encyclopedia..." deals with all English verbs having non-standard
 grammatical paradigm. The book might be considered as a [very] far
 going generalization of the pages 96-120 of the well-known monograph
 by R.Quirk, G.N.Leech, S.Greenbaum, and J.Svartvik "A Comprehensive
 Grammar of the English Language".
 As the main subject of "Encyclopedia..." is studying all English
 verbs with non-standard grammatical paradigm, irregular verbs are
 also included. One will find here 1209 irregular verbs, including
 297 monomorphemic ones and 20 verbs-abbreviations. All irregular
 verbs are classified into 86 schemata. Numerous comments related
 to verb forms usage are given, all schemata are described in detail.
 Naturally, irregular verbs, can't exhaust the subject under consi-
 As it turned out, many questions related to non-standard verb in-
 flexions have been exposed by grammarians in an insufficiently severe
 form, and with numerous gaps; a number of situations has not been 
 described or those descriptions contained different errors and
 inaccuracies; the set of rules regulating pronunciation and spelling
 of verb inflexions was non-complete; the sets of exceptions to the
 formulated rules did not exist at all or contained only a small part
 of the corresponding verbs-exceptions.
 In "Encyclopedia...", we formulate an exhaustive set of rules regulating
 pronunciation and spelling of verb inflexions, both for BrE and AmE,
 taking into account all possible, sometimes rather curious, situations.
 Every rule is supplied with the corresponding set of exceptions (if
 there are any); they are named "CCC"'s ("Closely Complete Corpora")
 in our book. Numerous errors and inaccuracies ever met in related
 literature have been corrected in "Encyclopedia...".

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