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Fri Dec 11 1998

Sum: Morphosyntactic Features

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  1. Mike_Maxwell, Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features

Message 1: Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features

Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 10:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike_Maxwell <>
Subject: Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features

In LINGUIST List 9.1599 and 9.1644, I summarized the responses I had
received concerning research into possible universals in
morphosyntactic features (similar to the research that has been done
on universals in phonetic features).

Since the last summary, a few more responses have come in, which I
summarize below. Thanks to Brian Ulicny (, Priscilla
McCoy (, and Joerg Keller

- ----------------------------
For a more applied, less theoretical perspective...
The EAGLES (Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering
Standards, an initiative of the European Commission (EC)... [has]
tried to adopt a system of morphosyntactic features that would cover
all of the European languages. The homepage for the project is:

Two documents of particular interest would be:

Recommendations for the morphosyntactic annotation of corpora

Synopsis and comparison of morphosyntactic phenomena encoded in lexicons
and corpora.
 A common proposal and applications to european languages.

- -----------------------------------
Victor Friedman "Grammatical Categories of the Macedonian Indicative."

Works on languages of the Caucasus: K. Tuite, D. Holisky,
A. Harris, V. Friedman, H Aronson.

- -------------------------------------
Work by Jackendoff on the mapping of spatial features into morphosyntax, and
Joerg Keller's webpage at on
this same topic. Joerg also suggested that work on sign languages might be
important to establishing the universality of proposed features.

 Mike Maxwell
 Summer Institute of Linguistics
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