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Confs: Phonetics/Phonology

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  1. Elizabeth Hume, Phonetics/Phonology

Message 1: Phonetics/Phonology

Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 12:19:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Elizabeth Hume <>
Subject: Phonetics/Phonology

July 30, 1999
San Francisco

A Satellite Meeting held in conjunction with The International
Congress of Phonetic Sciences, San Francisco (Aug. 1-7, 1999)

Elizabeth Hume, Keith Johnson (Ohio State University)

The role of perceptual phenomena as a source of explanation for
cross-linguistic sound patterns has, in recent years, become an
increasingly active area of research in phonological theory (see,
e.g., Cote 1997, Flemming 1995, Hume 1998, Jun 1995, Ohala 1992,
Steriade 1995a,b, 1997, Wright 1996). This is in some ways a return
to the acoustic/perceptual emphasis of Jakobson, Fant, and Halle
(1952), though informed by four decades of research on speech
perception. For example, Flemming (1995) proposes to characterize
phonology in terms of articulatory as well as auditory feature sets,
with separate sets of constraints defined over these features. And in
Steriade (1997), perceptually grounded phonological constraints are
exploited as a means of accounting for cross-linguistic patterns of
laryngeal neutralization. To the extent that a perception-based
account of sound patterns is viable, we have increased support for the
integration of acoustic/auditory properties of speech with abstract
phonological structure.

This meeting will focus on perceptual phenomena as they relate to
phonological theory. Topics envisioned include (1) auditory
properties and the featural representation of speech sounds, (2)
perceptual processes and their formal characterization, (3) the place
of perceptual considerations in phonological theory in general.

Papers will be given by the following phoneticians and phonologists:

	Pam Beddor (Michigan)
 	Jennifer Cole (Illinois)
 	Randy Diehl (Texas)
 	Edward Flemming (Stanford)
 	Elizabeth Hume (OSU)
 	Keith Johnson (OSU)
	Bjorn Lindblom (Texas)
 	John Ohala (Berkeley)
 	Jaye Padgett (Santa Cruz)
	Douglas Pulleyblank (UBC)
 	Robert Remez (Barnard)
 	Donca Steriade (UCLA)
 	Richard Wright (Washington)

A poster session will also be held during the meeting. A call for
posters will be sent out in the near future. For further information,
contact Beth Hume at or Keith Johnson at Information concerning this meeting is
also included in the satellite meeting announcement at the ICPhS
website (

Elizabeth Hume
Department of Linguistics
Ohio State University
223 Oxley Hall
Columbus, Ohio, USA 43210
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