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Thu Jan 8 1998

Calls: Chinese Lang. & Ling., Dialog'98

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  1. iscll, Chinese Languages & Linguistics-Deadline Change
  2. Olga V. Fedorova, Dialog'98--Computational Linguistics

Message 1: Chinese Languages & Linguistics-Deadline Change

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 10:46:55 +0800
From: iscll <>
Subject: Chinese Languages & Linguistics-Deadline Change

 The Sixth International Symposium
 on Chinese Languages and Linguistics

Many IsCLL6 participants have expressed their concern over the fact that
both IACL-7/NACCL-10 and IsCLL6 have chosen 12/31/1997 as deadline for
abstracts. IsCLL6 Organizing Committee has thus decided to extend the
submission deadline from December 31, 1997 to January 20, 1998.

General Session--Theoretical and descriptive linguistics on Chinese and
languages spoken in China
Deadline for Abstracts--January 20, 1998
Notification of Acceptance--February 25, 1998
Deadline for Full Papers--May 10, 1998
Conference Date--July 14-16, 1998
Conference Site--International Academic Activities Center, Academia Sinica
Sponsored by--Institute of Linguistics (Preparatory Office) Academia Sinica
 Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Contact--C.-C. Jane Tang
 Secretary of Organizing Committee
 Institute of Linguistics (Preparatory Office)
 Academia Sinica
 Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115
 Republic of China
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Message 2: Dialog'98--Computational Linguistics

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 16:58:15 +0300 (MEST)
From: Olga V. Fedorova <>
Subject: Dialog'98--Computational Linguistics


International Workshop on computational linguistics and its applications
 Kazan(Russia), May 31 - June 4, 1998

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you about DIALOGUE'98, an international annual
workshop on computational linguistics and its applications, which will
take place this year in May 31 - June 4, near Kazan (Tatarstan, Russian

DIALOGUE'98 should become fourth International Workshop in row of
 DIALOGUE'95 Kazan
 DIALOGUE'96 Puschino
 DIALOGUE'97 Yasnaya Polyana
reviving the tradition of the interdisciplinary DIALOGUE seminars which
were regular national events in the USSR during 70s-80s.

The Workshop is an annual meeting place for a dialogue:
a) between researchers from different fields that are related to
 computational linguistics (linguists, computer and cognitive
 scientists, psychologists, researchers in the artificial intelligence);
b) between researchers from the former USSR and from the international

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* theoretical and cognitive linguistics
* syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interaction
* systems for natural language processing
* dialogue and speech act
* problems of natioanl localization of natural language processing
* natural language front-ends
* natural language understanding and model of object domain
* voice interaction with computer
* knowledge representation and processing

The number of participants is expected about 100. Every prospective
attendee is required to submit a short research summary including
relevant recent publications, regular and e-mail address, fax and phone

Participants who wish to present their work are additionally required to
submit a poster (3-4 double-spaced pages, 6-8 kB) or a full paper (not
exceeding 12 double- spaced pages, 24 kB). Please send submissions
preferably via e-mail (in plain ASCII or uuencoded Winword files) to the
aldress of the Program Committee before March 1, 1998. Submissions in
Russian and English are equally accepted. Submissions in Russian should
be accompanied with a short summary in English (approximately 100-200
words). We plan to organize selected English-to-Russian and
Russian-to-English translation of talks.

Addresses for all correspondence:
Snail mail:
 Russian Instititue for Artificial Intelligence
 P.O.Box 111, Moscow,
 103001, Russia.

 Deadline for submission: March 1, 1998
 Notification of acceptance: March 20, 1998
 Final paper due: March 30, 1998

In the field of computational linguistics in Russia the DIALOGUE
Workshops became regular annual events which attract leading researchers
from the former USSR as well as other countries. We hope that
DIALOGUE'98 will continue this tradition.


Alexander S. Narin'yani,
 Program Chair (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
Christian Boitet (Grenoble University)
Rais.G. Bukharajev (Kazan State University)
Ilya N. Gorelov (Saratov State University)
Alexander E. Kibrik (Moscow State University)
Igor A. Mel'chuk (Montreal University)
Sergei Nirenburg (New-Mexico State University)
Haldur Oim (Tartu University)
Dmitrij A. Pospelov (Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences)

Natalya I. Laufer, (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
Olga.V. Fedorova, (Moscow State University)


Rais.G. Bukharajev (Kazan State University) - the Chairman
Djavdet Sulejmanov (Kazan State University) - the Vice-Chairman
Il'dus Hajbullin (Tatarstan Academy of Science)
Nail' Zamov (Kazan State University)

Information for contacts in Kazan:
420008 Tatarstan, KAZAN
Kremlevskaja str., 35
Kazan State University, VMK Faculty,
Djavdet Sulejmanov

Tel./Fax: (843-2) 38-75-91

If you have questions about the Workshop, please send e-mail letters
to the above-mentioned addresses.

Please, share this information letter with people you think it may concern.
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