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Books: Pacific Linguistics

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  1. Mira, New publications from the Pacific Linguistics

Message 1: New publications from the Pacific Linguistics

Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:35:42 +1100
From: Mira <>
Subject: New publications from the Pacific Linguistics

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BLAKE, BARRY, J. Wathawurrung and the Colac Language of Southern

1998, ISBN 0 85883 498 7, x+177pp. Softcover. 

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-147. Key words: Australian
Aboriginal languages; Victorian languages, Wathawurrung; Colac;
grammar; lexicon.

This book comprises a classification of Victorian Aboriginal languages
illustrated with a comparative word list, a summary of what can be
gleaned of the grammar and vocabulary of Wathawurrung (Geelong-Ballarat
area) from nineteenth-century sources, and a similar, shorter summary
of the Colac language. (in press, available in January 1999)	

A$32.50	[US$22.80]

CLARK, Ross 	A Dictionary of the Mele Language (Atara Imere), Vanuatu

1998, ISBN 0 85883 504 5, xv+158pp. Softcover. [Weight 350g]	

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-149. Key words: Polynesian;
Vanuatu; Mele.

This dictionary describes the Mele dialect of the Ifira-Mele language
of Efate, in central Vanuatu. This Polynesian Outlier language has
been extensively influenced by the neighbouring non-Polynesian
languages of Efate which have contributed at least one-third of its
total vocabulary.

A$31.80	[US$22.25]

FABIAN, Grace, Edmund FABIAN and Bruce WATERS Morphology, Syntax and
Cohesion in Nabak, Papua New Guinea

1998, ISBN 0 85883491 X, x+490pp. Softcover. [Weight 1000g]	

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-144. Key words: Nabak;
non-Austronesian languages; PNG; Huon Peninsula; cohesion;
morphophonemics; morphology; syntax; texts; dictionary. This is a
grammar of the Nabak language of the Huon Peninsula, PNG; a
non-Austronesian language. It is a language with extensive
morphophonemics. The grammar includes numerous glossed examples,
together with several texts and a dictionary. A major focus is an
informal account of Nabak cohesion.

A$59.00	[US$41.30]

JONES, A.A. Towards a Lexicogrammar of Mekeo (An Austronesian Language
of West Central Papua)

1998, ISBN 0 85883 472 3, xx+600pp. Softcover. 	[Weight 1200g]

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-138. Key words: Mekeo;
Austronesian; Oceanic; Papua New Guinea; grammar; lexicogrammar; 

head-marking language. In this volume Jones compares the four dialects
of Mekeo, which vary widely in terms of mutual intelligibility, and
suggests that Mekeo is a predominantly head-marking language in which
'non-verbs' function as topics or predicates. A high level of
referential indeterminacy complicates discourse.

A$62.90	[US$41.00]

PEIROS, Ilia, Comparative Linguistics in Southeast Asia		

1998, ISBN 0 85883 489 9, ix+320pp. Softcover. 	[Weight 700g]

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-142. Key words: Kadai
languages; Miao-Yao languages; Mon-Khmer languages; Sino-Tibetan
languages; languages of Southeast Asia; comparative linguistics. 

This book is about the linguistics prehistory of major language
families of mainland Southeast Asia: Kadai (Tai-Kadai), Miao-Yao,
Mon-Khmer and Sino-Tibetan. For each family Ilia Peiros discusses
internal structure,classification and results of its comparative
investigation. Special attention is paid to various hypotheses of
remote relations of the families. The book also contains Proto Kadai
and Proto Mia-Yao phonological reconstructions.

A$46.10	[US$32.30]

ROSS, Malcolm, Andrew PAWLEY and Meredith OSMOND, The Lexicon of Proto
Oceanic: The Culture and Environment of Ancestral Oceanic Society,
Vol.1 Material Culture

1998, 0 85883 507 X, xxi+350pp. (include 10 maps). Softcover. [Weight

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-152. Key words: Proto Oceanic;
 technology; cultural reconstruction.

This volume, the first of a planned series of five, consists of a
number of essays, each dealing with a particular semantic field within
the domain of technology and material culture: settlement and building
terms, household artifacts including pottery, gardening practices, food
preparation, canoes, and fishing and hunting implements. Over 1000
reconstructions are listed with supporting evidence. Also included are
a brief outline of ProtoOceanic derivation and morphology, a number of 
maps and an index of reconstructions. A comprehensive reference for
anyone working in Oceanic linguistics and archaeology.

A$59.00	[US$41.30]

SCHIEFFELIN, Bambi B. and Steven FELD in collaboration with Ho: ido:
Degelo:, Ho:nowo: Degili, Kulu Fuale, Ayasilo Ha:ina, and Da:ina
Hawaba. Bosavi-English-Tok-Pisin-Dictionary 	

1998, ISBN 0 85883 513 6, xx+209pp. Softcover.	[Weight 500g]

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-153. Key words: Bosavi; Tok
Pisin; dictionary.	

This volume describes the Bosavi language which is spoken on the Great
Papuan Plateau, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
Translations are in English and Tok Pisin. New and old usages, and
etymologies, are indicated. Also included are grammatical notes,
topical appendices containing ethnographic information on family and
relationship terms, body terms and counting, flora, fauna and
environment, way of talking, sound words, and an English finder list.

A$31.60	[US$22.20]

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