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Wed Feb 11 1998

Calls: Konvens'98, ECAI-98 #6:CFP Young Researcher

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  1. Bernhard Schroeder, Call for Papers: Konvens98

Message 1: Call for Papers: Konvens98

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:15:04 +0000
From: Bernhard Schroeder <>
Subject: Call for Papers: Konvens98



Computer, Linguistik und Phonetik zwischen Sprache und Sprechen 
Computers, Linguistics, and Phonetics between Language and Speech

 4. Konferenz zur Verarbeitung natuerlicher Sprache
 4th Conference on Natural Language Processing

 Oct. 5-7, 1998, University of Bonn, Germany

Organized by: 

Gesellschaft fuer Linguistische Datenverarbeitung (GLDV)(responsible
	in 1998)
Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS)
Gesellschaft fuer Informatik (GI), FA 1.3.1 "Natuerlichsprachliche
Informationstechnische Gesellschaft/Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Akustik
Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Artificial Intelligence (OeGAI)


Subjects of the conference are all areas of language processing
dealing with language in its written or spoken form. Special attention
will be paid to approaches focussing on the structural and the
phonological/phonetic aspects of computer-aided/based language
research and aimed at bridging the gap between both aspects.

Please submit proposals for: 
- lectures, 
- workshops, 
- demonstrations and 
- posters. 

All proposals will be reviewed anonymously. Please add a title page
specifying the author's names and institutions as well as title and
form of the contribution.

Proposals should be submitted in 5 paper copies (DIN A4 paper size,
Times 12pt), and in electronic form per e-mail (preferably LaTeX or
PS). Word and WordPerfect format files and LaTeX style files will be
available for download after March 15, 1998.

Proposals should not exceed 10 pages for lectures, and 5 pages for
workshops. Poster contributions will be published as short papers
limited to 4 pages.

Workshop proposals should explain the significance of the subject, and
they should name the prospective participants and their contributions.

Demonstrations should be briefly described; the equipment needed
should be specified.

All proposals should contain German and English abstracts of 12 lines

Conference languages are German and English. 

All proposals are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers
nominated by the programme committee. Accepted proposals will be
published in the conference proceedings which will be available before
the beginning of the conference.


March 1, 1998 Deadline for the submission of workshop proposals
April 15, 1998 Deadline for the submission of proposals for 
 lectures and posters
May 15, 1998 Notification on acceptance
June 15, 1998 Submission of the printable contribution to the
July 15, 1998 Deadline for submitting proposals for system


 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hess 
 Prof. Dr. Winfried Lenders 
 Dr. Thomas Portele 
 Dr. Bernhard Schroeder 


 Dr. Ernst Buchberger, Wien (OeGAI) 
 Dr. Stefan Busemann, Saarbruecken (GI) 
 Prof. Dr. Dafydd Gibbon, Bielefeld (DGfS) 
 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoeppner, Duisburg (GI) 
 Prof. Dr. Roland Hausser, Erlangen (GLDV) 
 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hess, Bonn (ITG/DEGA) 
 Prof. Dr. R. Hoffmann, Dresden (ITG/DEGA) 
 Dr. Tibor Kiss, Heidelberg (DGfS) 
 Prof. Dr. Winfried Lenders, Bonn (GLDV) 
 Dr. Harald Trost (OeGAI) 


Gisela von Neffe 
Institut fuer Kommunikationsforschung und Phonetik 
 der Universitaet Bonn 
Poppelsdorfer Allee 47 
D-53115 Bonn 

Internet: http// 
Phone: +49-228-735638 
Fax: +49-228-735639 


KONVENS 98 will take place at the University of Bonn's Central
Building, which is situated in the city's centre, in walking distance
from the main railway station.

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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 12:24:42 GMT
From: ecai98 <>



The ECAI-98 Programme Committee is pleased to announce a special
programme of short papers for young researchers.

 6 Mar 1998 Deadline for abstracts
 11 Mar 1998 Deadline for papers
 15 Apr 1998 Notification of acceptance
 15 May 1998 Camera-ready copies of papers
 26-28 Aug 1998 Student programme at ECAI-98

The aim is to encourage younger AI researchers to attend ECAI-98 and
to present their on-going work, in the form of short (2 page) papers,
which will appear in the conference proceedings. A short paper may
either report on the innovative points of work in progress, or on a
particular result of special interest.

The call is open to researchers who satisfy at least one of the
following criteria on 11 March 1998:

 - they are under 28 years old
 - they are currently studying for a PhD or other degree
 qualification in AI (or a related topic)
 - they received a PhD in AI (or a related topic) within the past
 two years.

Submissions are invited on original and previously unpublished
research in all aspects of AI, including, but not limited to:

Abduction, Temporal, Causal Reasoning, and Diagnosis; Automated
Reasoning; Application and Enabling Technologies; Belief Revision and
Nonmonotonic Reasoning; Case-Based Reasoning; Cognitive Modelling and
Philosophical Foundations; Computational Linguistics; Constraint-Based
Reasoning and Constraint Programming; Distributed AI and Multiagent
Systems; Fuzzy Logic; Knowledge Acquisition; Knowledge Representation;
Logic Programming, and Theorem Proving; Machine Learning, Knowledge
Discovery and Data Mining; Natural Language and Intelligent User
Interfaces; Neural Networks in AI; Planning, Scheduling, and Reasoning
about Actions; Probabilistic Networks; Qualitative Preferences and
Decision in AI; Qualitative and Spatial Reasoning; Reasoning under
Uncertainty; Robotics, Vision, and Signal Understanding; Search and
Meta-Heuristics for AI; Verification, Validation and Testing of
Knowledge-Based Systems.

Submissions should be two pages long using the format described on the
ECAI-98 Style Guide web page:

A latex style file is available on the website (or on request. to Accepted papers will be required to conform
more strictly to the publishers' formatting requirements, which will
be broadly in line with the present formatting guidelines.

Submission procedure

Submission is a two stage process, similar to the process for long
papers. An electronic abstract should be sent to by 6
March 1998. This summary should include the title, author, contact
address and abstract for the paper, plus keywords drawn from the above
list (plus other keywords if appropriate). A web-based summary
submission form is available to make this easier. This summary
information should also be included with the paper itself, on a
separate sheet of paper.

Submission of the paper is in hard copy form only, electronic
submissions will not be accepted. Four copies of the paper (each
including the summary sheet), should be sent by post to the ECAI-98
Programme Chair, Henri Prade, at the address below. The title page
should include a statement indicating which of the above eligibility
criteria the author satisfies and that the paper has not been
submitted elsewhere. The deadline for receipt of papers is 11 March
1998. Papers received after this date will not be reviewed.

 Henri Prade, ECAI-98 Programme Chair
 Universite Paul Sabatier
 118 route de Narbonne
 31062 TOULOUSE Cedex 4

 Tel: +33(0)561 55 65 79
 Fax: +33(0)561 55 62 39

Multiple submissions policy

ECAI-98 will not accept any paper which at the time of submission is
under review for, or has already been published or accepted for
publication in a journal or another conference. Authors are also
expected not to submit their papers elsewhere during the review
period. These restrictions apply only to journals and conferences and
not to workshops or similar specialised meetings with limited
audiences. The title page should include a statement that the paper is
not under review or accepted for publication in another conference or

However, if a young researcher has already submitted a regular paper
to ECAI-98, a new submission on the same topic in the form of a short
paper is permitted provided that the author declares it on submission.
If the regular paper is accepted, the short paper will be considered
to have been withdrawn. However such a double submission is not

The review process

The short papers will be reviewed under the control of the ECAI-98
Program Committee under the chairmanship of the ECAI-98 Programme
Chair. The ECAI-98 Programme Chair has final authority over the
review process and all decisions relating to acceptance of papers.

Accepted papers will be allocated 15 minutes for oral presentation and
2 pages in the official ECAI-98 proceedings.

Note: as is usual at ECAI conferences, students will be able to
register for the conference at a significantly reduced and subsidised

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ECAI-98 Secretariat Tel: +44(0)1273 678448
Centre for Advanced Software Applications Fax: +44(0)1273 671320
University of Sussex Email:
Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK URL:

ECAI-98 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for
Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universities of
Brighton and Sussex on behalf of AISB.

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