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Confs: GLOW '98--Phonology & Syntax

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  1. Craig Thiersch, GLOW'98 -- 'Phonological Opacity' and 'Agreement Systems'

Message 1: GLOW'98 -- 'Phonological Opacity' and 'Agreement Systems'

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 09:00:34 +0100 (MET)
From: Craig Thiersch <>
Subject: GLOW'98 -- 'Phonological Opacity' and 'Agreement Systems'

GLOW celebrates its 20th Anniversary with the 21st GLOW Colloquim hosted by
Linguistics at Tilburg University (KUB) in the Netherland, April 15-17,
1998, followed by two simultaneous workshops, "Phonological Opacity" and
"Agreement Systems" on April 18. The programs are given below. For complete
information on attending the conference, as well as hotel booking and
pre-registration forms, see our Web site at

If you do not have Web access, send an E-mail to GLOW'98, c/o

or write:

 c/o Linguistics Dept.
 Tilburg University
 P.O.B. 90153
 NL-5000-LE Tilburg, The Netherlands

We can also be contacted by FAX +31-13-4663110 and phone 31-13-4662773.

 GLOW '98: Program for Main Session

 Wednesday, April 15

 9:00 L'ia Nash & Alain Rouveret
 "Feature fission and the syntax of argument DPs and clitics"

 10:30 Marc van Oostendorp
 "Phonological feature domains and the content of epenthetic vowels"
 11:30 Keren Rice & Trisha Causley
 "Asymmetries in featural markedness: place of articulation"

 14:00 Marcel den Dikken & Rint Sybesma
 "Take serials light up the middle"
 15:00 Maya Arad
 "Stativity, eventiveness, agentivity: object experiencers revisited"

 16:30 Paolo Acquaviva
 "Uniform lexicalization: deriving spell-out without [+/-strong]
 17:30 Gereon Mueller
 "Feature strengthening"

 Thursday, April 16

 9:00 Rose-Marie Dechaine & Mireille Tremblay
 "On category features"

 10:30 Anna-Maria Di Sciullo
 "Features and asymmetrical relations in morphological objects "
 11:30 Elizabeth Ritter & Heidi Harley
 "Meaning in morphology: a feature-geometric analysis of person and

 14:00 Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnostopoulou
 "Restrictions on argument placement: adjacency on Case-assignment and
 an ambiguity with Attract F"
 15:00 Javier Ormazabal & Juan Romero
 "Attract-F: a case against Case"

 16:30 M. Rita Manzini & Leonardo M. Savoia
 "Object inflection"
 17:30 Business Meeting

 Friday, April 17

 9:00 Hamida Demirdache & Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria
 "On the projection of temporal structure in natural languages"

 10:30 Richard Campbell
 "Case features, pro, and definiteness effects"
 11:30 Ana Maria Martins
 "On the need of underspecified features in syntax: polarity as a case

 14:00 Jairo Nunes & Eduardo Raposo
 "Portuguese inflected infinitivals and the configurations for feature
 15:00 Ricardo Etxepare
 "Paratactic dependencies and covert Merge"

 16:30 Gorka Elordieta
 "The phonological import of syntactic features"
 17:30 Jonathan David Bobaljik
 "The autonomy of syntax and the typology of movement"

 Alternates, syntax:
 1. Danny Fox: "Successive cyclicity: evidence from reconstruction and
 antecedent contained deletion"
 2. Chung-hye Han: "Cross-linguistic variation in the compatibility
 between negation and imperatives"
 3. Eric Haeberli: "Features, categories and checking"

 Alternates, phonology:
 1. G. L. Piggott: "On features as attributes of prosodic categories"
 2. Harry van der Hulst & Nancy Ritter: "Minimalism at a micro-level:
 primitives of phonological structure"
 GLOW '98: Program for the Phonology Workshop

 Saturday, April 18

 9:00 David Odden
 "Cyclicity and counterfeeding in Kimatuumbi"

 10:30 Marc van Oostendorp
 "Non-derivational opacity in allomorph selection"
 11:30 Ronald Sprouse
 "Enriched Input sets as a source of opacity in OT"

 14:00 Orhan Orgun (invited speaker)
 "Phonological opacity and synchronically arbitrary alternations: what
 two-level phonology can contribute to OT"
 15:00 Ania Lubowicz
 "Derived environment effects in OT"

 16:30 William Idsardi
 "Opacity, sympathy and derivations"
 17:30 Morris Halle (invited speaker)
 "English stress, 1968-1998"

 1. Mary Bradshaw: "Opacity of penult tone contrast in SiSwati Verbs"
 2. Randall Rose: "Redundancy in Optimality Theory: the place of
 scanning in a constraint-based approach"

 GLOW '98: Program for the Syntax Workshop

 Saturday, April 18

 9:00 M. Rita Manzini & M. L. Savoia
 "Subject-verb and expletive-associate agreement"

 10:30 Oystein Alexander Vangsnes
 "The role of gender agreement in Scandinavian: a study of possessive
 constructions in four Swedish dialects"
 11:30 Greville Corbett (invited speaker)
 "Agreement systems: feature mismatches and the pervasiveness of
 agreement choices"

 14:00 M. Teresa Guasti & Luigi Rizzi
 "Non-agreeing do in child English and the expression of Agr"
 15:00 Henry Davis
 "Person splits, Phi-features and temporal architecture"

 16:30 Lynn Nichols
 "Agreement and locality in lexical structure"
 17:30 Maria Bittner (invited speaker)
 "On agreement and definiteness"

 1. Josef Bayer & Alexander Grosu: "Agreement as a licensing and
 blocking factor: towards a solution of an apparent paradox"
 2. Ileana Paul: "Exceptional agreement in Malagasy"
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