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Confs: Generative Grammar

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  1. Joao Costa, Generative Grammar

Message 1: Generative Grammar

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 01:06:14 -0800
From: Joao Costa <>
Subject: Generative Grammar

The 8th Colloquium on Generative Grammar will be held in Palmela, Portugal,
from April 19 until 22.

Enclosed is the program and information concerning accommodation and

 8th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
Palmela, 19-22 April 1998


April 19

17.00 - Registration

18.30 -Invited Speaker
	Anna Maria di Sciullo (UQAM)
	Local Asymmetries in Romance, Morphological Paradigms and
 Morphological Objects

20.30 -Dinner Party at the Castle

April 20

9.00 - Spanish Indefinites in a Type-driven Logical Form
	Javier Guti\233rrez-Rexach (Ohio State University)
9.40 -	Two Types of Cognate Objects
	Asya Pereltsvaig (McGill University)
10.20 -Some Remarks on Nominal Features
	Juan Romero (UAM)


11.20 -Contrast dialectal i escales articulat\242ries: la sonoritzaci\243
d'obstruents en Catal\224
	Jes\250s Jim\233nez Martinez (Univ. of Valencia)
12.00 -Between Syntax and Phonology: phrasal weight effects in European
	Marina Vig\225rio and S\243nia Frota (Univ. Minho & Univ. Lisbon)
12.40- The analysis of stress within OT: constraints, ranking and
correspondence theory.
	Teresa Vallverd\250 Alboru\224 (UAB)


14.00 -Paratactic Dependencies and Covert Merge
	Ricardo Etxeparre (L.E.I.A./C.U.S)
14.40 -The reflexive/medio-passive merger: diachronic syntax under
minimalist assumptions.
	Mark Hale and Madelyn Kissock (Concordia Univ.; Oakland Univ.)
15.20 - Restructuring Control
	Susi Wurmbrand (MIT)


16.20 -Post-verbal subjects with unaccusative verbs and passive forms, case
	assignment and definiteness restriction.
	Ana Maria Brito (Univ. Porto)
17.00 -Some Remarks on Denominal Verbs
	Silvia Gumiel, Norberto Moreno, Isabel P\233rez and Juan Romero 
	(Ortega y Gasset)
17.40 - Towards deriving the EPP and abstract Case
	Eric Haeberli (Univ. of Geneva)

April 21

9.00 - Soft constraints vs Parameters in the analysis of discourse-
	Joao Costa (HIL/Leiden Univ. & Univ. of Lisbon)
9.40 -	What Merge and Move can or can't do
	Luis L\243pez (Univ. of Missouri)
10.20 -Focus and Economy in Scrambling Languages
	Natalia Kondrashova 	(Cornell University)


11.20 - Vowel Quality and Prosodic Structure in Brazilian Portuguese
	Ruben van de Vijver (Tuebingen University)
12.00 -Dominancia del troqueo valenciano
	Teresa Cabr\233 Monn\233 (UAB)
12.40 -Raddoppiamento Sintattico as an Epiphenomenon
	Young-mee Yu Cho (Rutgers University)


14.00 - Rhythmic Differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese:
evidence from rhythm implementation and the PF interface.
	Maria Bernadete Abaurre & Charlotte Galves (UniCamp)
14.40 -Case splits, animacy and Burzio's Generalization
	Diane Nelson (Leeds Univ)
15.20 -Minimalism, Antisymmetry and the dynamics of morphological strength
	Frank Drijkoningen (OTS/Utrecht University)


16.20 - Movement across "de"
	Virginia Motapanyane (Univ. of New Brunswick)
17.00 -	Conflation processes revisited
	Jaume Mateu i Fontanals (UAB)
17.40 - Nominale senza articolo e Lingue Germaniche
	Paola Crisma (Padova Univ)

April 22

9.00 -	Unaccusativity Mismatches in Greek
	Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnastopoulou (Potsdam University & MIT)
9.40 -	Two sources for relative clause formation in Brazilian Portuguese
	Mary Kato & Jairo Nunes (UNICAMP)
10.20 -	On Dative arguments and shortest move
	Beatriz Fernandez Fernandez (Univ. Basque Country)
11.00 - Subjunctive free relatives and free choice descriptions
	Josep Quer (OTS/Utrecht Univ)


12.15 - Invited Speaker: Heles Contreras (Univ. Washington, Seattle)
	Negation in English and Spanish


Conditions on Optional Movement - Kumiko Ikeda (Univ. Arkansas)
The syntax of argument structure and "entre"-phrases revisited - 
Linda Escobar (Madrid)
Negative Concord in simple sentences - Eva Berkes (Univ. Complutense Madrid)
Feature strength and Pied-piping - Norvin Richards (MIT)

Inherent vs. Prosodic Features in Sign Language Phonology - Diana Brentari
(Purdue Univ)


How to get to Palmela:

On Sunday 19th, there will be a bus leaving from Lisbon airport to the
conference site, Castle of Palmela, at 16.00.

May you not want to take the bus, please follow the directions below:

By car: From Lisbon Airport, go to A2, direction Set\250bal (South). Take the
exit at Palmela and follow the directions to Palmela and to the Castle.

By bus: From Lisbon Airport, take a taxi to Pra\231a de Espanha. Take the bus
to Set\250bal - end stop (Bus Station). There, take a bus to Palmela. Get off
at the stop in Palmela, and walk or take a taxi to the castle. 


	The colloquium fees is PTE 7 500$00 (about US$42), from which the
participants presenting talks are exempted. The Organising Committee is
trying to raise funds to give grants to such participants.
	The colloquium will take place in Pousada de Palmela, located in a castle
which once belonged to the military Order of Santiago, about 40 kms away
from Lisbon. As the Pousada only has 25 rooms available, participants
wishing to be lodged there are strongly recommended to make an early
booking. Alternative lodging will be available in a hotel in Set\250bal, about
7 kms away from the Pousada; the Organising Committee will provide
transportation between Set\250bal and the Pousada in the morning and late in
the afternoon.

	Participants wishing to book their accommodation and meals through the
Organising Committee may choose one of the following packages:

Package 1:	Lodging in a double room and breakfast at the Pousada
	de Palmela (19-20, 20-21, 21-22) + Dinner (19) + Lunches (20, 21)
	 + Coffee-break (5) + Registration fee	=	PTE	46 500$00

Package 2:	Lodging in a single room and breakfast at the Pousada
		de Palmela (19-20, 20-21, 21-22) + Dinner (19) + Lunches (20, 		21)+
Coffee-break (5) + Registration =	PTE	74 000$00

Package 3:	Lodging in a double room and breakfast at the Albergaria
		Laitau, Set\250bal (19-20, 20-21, 21-22) + Dinner (19) + Lunches 		(20, 21)
+ Coffee-break (5) + 
		Registration fee		=	PTE	32 500$00

Package 4:	Lodging in a single room and breakfast at the Albergaria
		Laitau, Set\250bal (19-20, 20-21, 21-22) + Dinner (19) + Lunches 		(20, 21)
+ Coffee-break (5) 
		+ Registration fee = 	PTE	42 500$00

Package 5:	Dinner (19) + Lunches (20, 21) + Coffee-break (5)
		+ Registration fee	=	PTE	22 500$00


	All mail should be sent to:
1.	Gabriela Matos
DLGR, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Alameda da Universidade
Fax: 351-1-7960063
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