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Tue Mar 3 1998

Calls: Dialogue'98, Trends in Variationist Linguistics

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  1. Olga V. Fedorova, Dialog'98
  2. Matti Miestamo, New Trends in Variationist Linguistics: From Attitudes to Grammar

Message 1: Dialog'98

Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:24:13 +0300 (MEST)
From: Olga V. Fedorova <>
Subject: Dialog'98


International Workshop on computational linguistics and its applications
 Kazan(Russia), May 31 - June 4, 1998


 Dear Colleagues,

As you probably know DIALOGUE'98, an international annual workshop on
computational linguistics and its applications, will take place this
year in May 31 - June 4, near Kazan (Tatarstan, Russian Federation).

DIALOGUE'98 should become fourth International Workshop in row of
 DIALOGUE'95 Kazan
 DIALOGUE'96 Puschino
 DIALOGUE'97 Yasnaya Polyana
reviving the tradition of the interdisciplinary DIALOGUE seminars which
were regular national events in the USSR during 70s-80s.

The Workshop is an annual meeting place for a dialogue:
a) between researchers from different fields that are related to
 computational linguistics (linguists, computer and cognitive
 scientists, psychologists, researchers in the artificial intelligence);
b) between researchers from the former USSR and the international

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* theoretical and cognitive linguistics
* syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interaction
* multilingual natural language processing
* systems for natural language processing
* text, dialogue and speech act in the computational framework
* knowledge representation and processing

The number of participants is expected about 100. Every prospective
attendee is required to submit a short research summary including
relevant recent publications, regular and e-mail address, fax and
phone numbers.

Participants who wish to present their work are additionally required to
submit a poster (3-4 double-spaced pages, 6-8 kB) or a full paper (not
exceeding 12 double- spaced pages, 24 kB) preferably via e-mail (in
plain ASCII or uuencoded Winword files) to the aldress of the Program

Because of some additional organizing difficulties which postponed this
letter the Commitee decided to add two weeks to the time-table of
formation of the Workshop's program:
 *** Deadline for submission: March 16, 1998
 *** Notification of acceptance: March 25, 1998
 *** Final paper due: April 15, 1998

Please send submissions in Russian or English, papers in Russian should
be accompanied with a short summary in English (approximately 100-200
words). We plan to organize selected English-to-Russian and
Russian-to-English translation of talks.

Addresses for all correspondence:
Snail mail:
 Russian Instititue for Artificial Intelligence
 P.O.Box 111, Moscow,
 103001, Russia.

In the field of computational linguistics in Russia the DIALOGUE
Workshops became regular annual events which attract leading researchers
from the former USSR as well as other countries. We hope that
DIALOGUE'98 will continue this tradition.

Alexander S. Narin'yani, Program Chair (Russian Institute
 of Artificial Intelligence)
Christian Boitet (Grenoble University)
Rais.G. Bukharajev (Kazan State University)
Ilya N. Gorelov (Saratov State University)
Alexander E. Kibrik (Moscow State University)
Igor A. Mel'chuk (Montreal University)
Sergei Nirenburg (New-Mexico State University)
Haldur Oim (Tartu University)
Dmitrij A. Pospelov (Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences)

Natalya I. Laufer, (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
Olga.V. Fedorova, (Moscow State University)

In the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE are included:

Rais.G. Bukharajev (Kazan State University)
Valeri Solovyev (Kazan State University)
Djavdet Sulejmanov (Kazan State University)
Il'dus Hajbullin (Tatarstan Academy of Scienses)
Nail' Zaimov (Kazan State University)

If you have questions about the Workshop, please send e-mail letters
to the above-mentioned addresses.

Please, share this information letter with people you think it may concern.
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Message 2: New Trends in Variationist Linguistics: From Attitudes to Grammar

Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 16:23:53 +0200 (EET)
From: Matti Miestamo <>
Subject: New Trends in Variationist Linguistics: From Attitudes to Grammar

The Linguistic Association of Finland is organizing a summer course/workshop on


to be held at the University of Oulu, the Per\228meri Research Station
by the unique nature reserves on the Hailuoto island
August 14-16, 1998

The workshop will bring together researchers and PhD students working in the 
field of language variation, ranging from morpho-syntactic variation to 
dialectology, sociolinguistic variation, code-switching, language attitudes and 
beliefs, and variation in interactional practices. The aim of the workshop is to 
explore new issues in the study of variation, such as the use of new 
methodologies and types of data. Participants are strongly encouraged to give a 
paper on any aspect of language variation, as this is an excellent opportunity 
to get feedback from others working in this area and from some of the leading 
scholars in variationist studies.

Invited speakers:
Peter Auer (University of Hamburg)
Juhani Klemola (University of Leeds)
Dennis Preston (Michigan State University)

* lectures by invited speakers
* presentations by other participants (20 min + 10 min for discussion)
* recommended readings before the workshop (the reading list will be distri- 
buted to registered participants)

Registration fees:
* general: FIM 200
* members of the association: FIM 100
* undergraduate and MA students free
* payment upon registration
* send by giro account no 800013-1424850 to The Linguistic Association of 
Finland (SKY)/Variation, or payment at the beginning of the workshop in cash

Other costs:
* Accommodation and food FIM 170 x 3. Accommodation primarily in 4-8 person 
* Bus from Oulu to Hailuoto on the morning of 14 August and back on the 
afternoon of 16 August (fare between FIM 50-100)

The deadline for submission of abstracts (one page; preferably in English) and 
registration is April 30, 1998. Please register and submit an abstract by e-mail 
to the following address:

If you send this information by snail mail, please provide an e-mail address as 
a contact address (if possible). Participants will be notified about acceptance 
by May 31.

For further information, please contact one of the following organizers:

Marja Leinonen				Marja-Leena Sorjonen
Filologia II				Department of Finnish
University of Tampere			P.O. Box 33
P.O. Box 67				FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
33101 Tampere				Finland
Finland					e-mail:

Elise K\228rkk\228inen			Matti Miestamo
Department of English			Department of Linguistics
University of Oulu			P.O. Box 4
P.O. Box 111				FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
FIN-90571 Oulu				Finland
Finland					e-mail:

Information can also be found at:
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