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Books: Tawala, Australian Lang, Endangered Lang

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  1. mira kwasik, New publications from Pacific Linguistics, RSPAS, ANU

Message 1: New publications from Pacific Linguistics, RSPAS, ANU

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:38:33 +1100
From: mira kwasik <>
Subject: New publications from Pacific Linguistics, RSPAS, ANU

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EZARD, Bryan A. Grammar of Tawala: An Austronesian Language of the Milne
Bay Area; Papua New Guinea.
1997, ISBN 0 85883 458 8, xvi+320pp. Softcover.
Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-137. Key words: Austronesian
languages; PNG; grammar; head-marking; derivational processes; function;
non-verbal clauses.

This volume presents a grammar of the Tawala language. Tawala is a
radically head-marking language and this grammar takes explicit account of
attendant analytic issues. Considerable attention is also given to
derivation which, in Tawala, is a function of the grammar rather than the
lexicon. Also a holistic model of the clause accounts for both verbal and
non-verbal construction.


TRYON, Darrell and Michael WALSH, eds Boundary Rider: Essays in Honour of
Geoffrey O'Grady
1997, ISBN 0 85883 440 2, viii+444pp. Softcover.
Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-136. Key words: Australian
Aboriginal languages; historical linguistics; Pama-Nyungan.

This volume contains papers written in honour of Geoffrey O'Grady. A
number of papers deal with aspects of the historical phonology and
reconstruction of Proto Pama-Nyungan and some of its lower order subgroups.
Others deal with polysemy, complex kinterms, Australian Aboriginal
lexicography, and the original number and distribution of Australian
Aboriginal languages.


WURM, S.A., ed. Materials on Languages in Danger of Disappearing in the
Asia-Pacific Region No. 1. Some Endangered Languages of Papua New Guinea:
Kaki Ae, Musom, and Aribwatsa
1997, ISBN 0 85883 467 7, vi+183pp. Softcover.
Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, D-89. Key words: Key words:
Endangered languages; Papua New Guinea; Kaki Ae; Musom; Aribwatsa.

Papers by S.A. Wurm 'Materials on languages in danger of disappearing
in the Asia-Pacific region', S.A. Wurm 'Kaki Ae (formerly known as
Raepa Tati) a potentially endangered language in southern Papua New
Guinea', John M. Clifton 'The Kaki Ae language', S.A. Wurm 'Musom, an
endangered language in northeastern Papua New Guinea', Susanne
Holzknecht 'Musom morphology and grammar sketch',Susanne Holzknecht
'Musom word list', S.A. Wurm 'Aribwatsa, an almost extinct language in
northeastern Papua New Guinea', Susanne Holzknecht 'Aribwatsa: A'lost'
language of the Markham family Papua New Guinea?', Susanne Holzknecht
'Aribwatsa word list', S.A. Wurm 'Publications on languages in danger
of disappearing in the Asia-Pacific region'.

This volume, the first of similar volumes of reports on endangered
languages in the Pacific and Southeast Asian area, contains grammatical
outlines, word lists and texts with interlinear translation of three Papua
New Guinea languages in danger of disappearing: Kaki Ae (Papuan,
potentially endangered), Musom (Austronesian, endangered) and Aribwatsa
(Austronesian, almost extinct).

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