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Thu Mar 12 1998

Qs: French,Bus Lang,Lang/Brain,Cross-Cultural

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  1. atarkow, French Lang Laws
  2. Kit-Ken Loke, Q: language in business
  3. Ana Armenderiz, Language location in the brain
  4. A L Sellami, Cross-cultural methodology

Message 1: French Lang Laws

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 10:05:14 -0800
From: atarkow <>
Subject: French Lang Laws

Hello. My name is Amanda Tarkow and I am a senior at the University
of Florida. Currently, I am writing an honors thesis on French
language laws of the late twentieth century (concentrating on the
1970s-1990s and only laws passed by the french government). However,
I have had much trouble locating a comprehensive list of laws. I
contacted La Bibliotheque Nationalle in Paris, but they were unable to
assist me. I know there are about 63 arretes on the language between
1970 and 1994. I don't know where I can locate them nor am I sure
that this is a comprehensive list.
	Perhaps you may be of assistance to me. I would appreciate
any suggestions.
 With many thanks,
 Amanda Tarkow
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Message 2: Q: language in business

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 07:27:01 +1000
From: Kit-Ken Loke <>
Subject: Q: language in business

I have to teach a 3rd-year subject called `language in business' in
the linguistics program for students learning languages. These
studetns have done subjects on general introduction to linguistics,
language in society, language and communication (discourse,
conversational and text analysis), and language and cognition. This
subject `language in business' has been designed to find out how
language is used in the (commercial) business contexts through
linguistic analysis of (commercial) business texts. In doing so, it
is hoped that students will also come to know some of the principles
and philosophy of the (commercial) business world. The subject is
offered in flexible learning mode, with the students contributing much
to the `teaching' as a way of learning, through seminars, workshops,
group work, project work etc. We are in the process of compiling a
resource list on both the analytical aspects and the content/topic
areas. I would welcome suggestions for articles, books, journals,
videos, websites, authentic (commercial) business texts, textbooks
etc., as well as theories, topics and analytical frameworks.

Please send replies to me direct. I will post a summary later. Thank
you in advance for your suggestions. kit-ken Loke

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Dr. Kit-Ken LOKE (Lu4 Jie2-Juan1) 
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics 
School of Cognition, Language and Special Education
Faculty of Education (Mt Gravatt Campus)
Griffith University 
Nathan, Brisbane, QLD 4111, Australia.
Phone: (61)(7) 3875.5964, Fax: (61)(7) 3875.5965
e-mail (internet):
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Message 3: Language location in the brain

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:43:42 -0300
From: Ana Armenderiz <>
Subject: Language location in the brain

Can anyone refer me to any work done on magnetic resonance imaging
studies with regard to the location of languages in the brain, in
particular contrasting early and late first, second and bilingual
learners ?

Any indication of published work in the field would be very
welcome. Thanks very much.

Ana Armenderiz
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Message 4: Cross-cultural methodology

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 22:38:05 +0000 (GMT)
From: A L Sellami <>
Subject: Cross-cultural methodology

Dear all recipients,

I'd be very grateful if anyone can let me know about any references on
problems associated with cross-cultural research.

Thank you very much.

Abdel Latif
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