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Sun Mar 22 1998

Calls: WAC4, NMRH--New Issue

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  1. Christine Grant, WAC4
  2. Maria Milosavljevic, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NMRH)

Message 1: WAC4

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:40:01 +0200
From: Christine Grant <>
Subject: WAC4

World Archaeology Congress 4
Cape Town: 10 - 14 January 1999
Theme: Global Archaeology at the Turn of the Millennium

WAC, the World Archaeology Congress, was inaugurated at its first
congress in Southampton in 1986, and last met in New Delhi in
1994. Its conferences and inter-congresses have continued to develop
the global dimension of archaeology and the social role that
archaeologists play as interpreters of the past. We expect more than a
thousand delegates in Cape Town, and we are planning an exciting and
stimulating programme that will do justice to the turn of the

It is appropriate that WAC4 should be held in South Africa. The World
Archaeology Congress was formed in opposition to apartheid,
highlighting the relationship between the study of the past and the
politics of the present. South Africa's first democratic elections in
1994 ended a long, bitter era and archaeologists here are now free to
be part of a world community of scholarship.

The academic programme of the Congress will be organised around
symposia. These will be half-day, full-day or running themes, each
organised by a Symposium Convenor. Papers will be available
electronically to registered delegates prior to the Congress, and full
details of the programme will be posted on our website as they become

The Congress will be structured around three broad themes: time;
archaeology in a global context, and the future. This will provide a
rich vein of intellectual stimulation, offering a truly global
perspective on a discipline that has stimulated and satisfied many for
well over a century.

If you would like to attend the Congress, please visit our website
(URL below) and register electronically, or complete the registration
form in the Second Announcement which will be mailed shortly.

Should you wish to deliver a paper, organise a symposium or workshop,
present a poster or screen a film on an archaeological topic,
demonstrate an archaeology-related computer program or multimedia
product, or rent exhibition space at the Congress, please contact the
Congress Secretariat :

 Contact: Carolyn Ackermann
 WAC4 Congress Secretariat
 Address: PO Box 44503
 Claremont 7735 South Africa
 Telephone: +27 (21) 762 8600
 Fax: +27 (21) 762 8606

Important dates:

30 April 1998: Closing date for submission of abstracts and symposium
convenor's packages with deposits where appropriate.

31 July 1998: Preliminary programme to be mailed. Applicants to be
notified of acceptance of abstracts/symposia.

15 November 1998: Papers to be made available on the congress website.
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Message 2: New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NMRH)

Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 11:21:52 +1100 (EST)
From: Maria Milosavljevic <mariamalba.nsw.cmis.CSIRO.AU>
Subject: New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NMRH)

The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

1998 call for submissions on the themes of 'adaptivity and user
modeling in hypertext/hypermedia systems', and 'hypermedia for museums
and cultural heritage'.

NRHM (previously Hypermedia, one of the original journals on the
subject) is a refereed annual review journal covering research on
practical and theoretical developments in hypermedia, interactive
multimedia and related technologies. The new editorial team has
introduced themed issues, each issue (normally 10-12 papers) will
review and explore one or two topical themes from a variety of
perspectives. The main theme of the 1997 issue was the evaluation of
hypermedia and multimedia systems.

The themes for the 1998 issue of the New Review will be:

 - hypermedia for museums and cultural heritage
 Theme editors Douglas Tudhope and Daniel Cunliffe

 - adaptivity and user modeling in hypertext/hypermedia systems:

 Guest editors Peter Brusilovsky and Maria Milosavljevic (also
see Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia Home Page

Papers should be submitted to the appropriate theme editors no later
than June 1st 1998. For Instructions to Authors, see or contact the Editor.

Submissions are welcomed on all aspects of the two themes, including
but not restricted to:

Adaptive hypermedia

 user modeling in adaptive hypermedia
 adaptive educational hypermedia systems
 adaptive information systems
 adaptive museum hypermedia
 adaptive navigation support
 natural language techniques for dynamic hypertext generation
 adaptive WWW navigation aids
 adaptive visualization of hypertext structure
 empirical studies of adaptive hypermedia
 content adaptation in hypertext and hypermedia
 personalized information spaces
 adaptivity and adaptability in a hypermedia context
 adaptive information retrieval

Guest editors

Peter Brusilovsky -
School of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213,

Maria Milosavljevic -
MRI Language Technology Group,
Macquarie University,
Sydney, NSW 2109,

Hypermedia for Museums and Cultural heritage

 hypermedia link services
 networked access
 time-varying interactive presentations
 image, audio and video databases
 navigation design
 intelligent hypermedia and agents
 web-based museum hypermedia
 spatial and temporal models
 evaluation and studies of use
 metadata and intellectual access
 thesauri and semantic representations
 copyright /IPR for digital multimedia standards


Douglas Tudhope -
Department of Computer Studies
University of Glamorgan
Pontypridd, Mid-Glamorgan CF37 1DL
Wales, UK
fax +1443-482715
tel +1443-482271

Associate Editor (US) Andrew Dillon -

Associate Editor (UK) Daniel Cunliffe -

For subscription information, contact 
Taylor Graham Publishing, 
500 Chesham House, 
150 Regent Street, 
London W1R 5FA, UK.

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