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Tue Mar 24 1998

Books: Morphology

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  1. Rene H. Mulder, new books: morphology

Message 1: new books: morphology

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:08:36 +0100
From: Rene H. Mulder <>
Subject: new books: morphology

New from Holland Academic Graphics:




_Matter and Mind in Morphology_ investigates the nature and place of
morphology. The underlying assumption is that morphology can be both
lexical and syntactic, and that the distinctive properties of the two
types of morphology follow from the nature of the lexicon and the syntax

	The human language system is argued to consist of a MATTER-domain and a
MIND-domain. The MATTER-domain comprises the syntax as well as the LF and
PF modules. Its properties (governing principles, vocabulary, type of
categorization) are those commonly assumed in generative linguistics, and
operations taking place in this domain are unconscious and fast. The
MIND-domain, on the other hand, is a conceptual module where language
utterances are matched with a speaker's knowledge of the world. It makes
use of semantic notions (thematic roles, features like [+/-human] or
[+/-animate] and aspectual notions) and prototype categorization.
Processes in this domain are slower and semi-conscious. The lexicon is
the interface between the two domains, its main function being the
translation of information from one domain into the format of the other. 

	This language model is the basis on which distinctive properties of
syntactic and lexical morphology are formulated. In the remaining part of
the dissertation, these distinctive properties are used to identify a
variety of morphological processes in Dutch as either 'syntactic',
'lexical' or 'mixed'. Since the distinction between lexical and syntactic
morphology is primarily relevant in the case of word formation based on
verbs, the discussion focuses on deverbal processes deriving nouns,
adjectives and verbs. 

	The book is aimed at linguists interested in the place and nature of
morphology in general and at those investigating Dutch deverbal

Paperback, xiii + 379 pp. (16x24cm)

ISBN 90-5569-039-2 [HIL Dissertations, 36]

With summary in Dutch. 

Price: NLG 40 (= approx. $20) excl. P&P

Information and orders: <> or

Holland Academic Graphics

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The Netherlands

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