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Fri Mar 27 1998

Sum: Twin Language

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  1. Bernard Comrie, Twin Language

Message 1: Twin Language

Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 19:44:51 -0700
From: Bernard Comrie <>
Subject: Twin Language

Some time ago I posted a query to the Linguist List asking for
references on twin languages (cryptophasia). Since a couple of people
have since asked me what I found, I think it might be useful for me to
post my bibliographical findings to the List. In addition, Jennifer
Ganger <> maintains a more general bibliography
on twins' languages.

The general conclusion of the literature is that twin languages are
not particularly autonomous; their apparent autonomy reflects rather
greater distortion than normal of the language(s) of the twins'

References on Twin Languages (cryptophasia)

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created by children in the light of Bickerton's Bioprogram
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voor algemene taalwetenschap, number 53. [The best single source.]

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1977: University of Novi Sad).

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Universitaires de France.

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