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Fri Mar 27 1998

Confs: Syntax

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  1. Anders Holmberg, Syntax

Message 1: Syntax

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:27:41 -0500
From: Anders Holmberg <>
Subject: Syntax

Call for papers
Second Tromsoe Syntax Workshop
'VO and OV'

May 22-23, 1998
University of Tromsoe

Invited Speakers:
 Michael Brody
 Hubert Haider
 Roland Hinterhoelzl
 Susan Pintzuk

Is the difference between VO languages and OV languages a function of
phrase structure, of movement, of directionality of licensing, or of
something else? If movement, is it movement of the verb, of the arguments,
of the VP, or some combination of these? Is OV order in a(n otherwise) VO
language driven by the same factors that lead to the unmarked order in an
OV language? Or vice versa? How do these models account for the change of a
language from OV to VO, or vice versa? These are just some of the questions
that might be raised in connection with the theme of this workshop.

Abstracts (one page + graphics and examples) are invited for 45 minute
talks. Abstracts may be
submitted by snailmail or by e-mail.

The DEADLINE for receipt of abstracts is APRIL 15!

Hardcopy submissions:
A single copy of the abstract, with the author's name, affiliation,
snailmail address, and e-mail address should be sent to:

 Anders Holmberg
 HUM fak, Linguistics
 University of Tromsoe
 N-9037 Tromsoe

E-mail submissions:
The abstract, with the author's name, affiliation, and snailmail address,
should be sent as an ordinary e-mail document to:

 Peter Svenonius:

E-mail submissions must contain the expression "VO and OV abstract" in the
subject line. Non-ascii characters should be avoided. Ascii characters can
be used in idiosyncratic ways if a gloss is provided. E-mail submissions
received by the deadline will be acknowledged within a day or so.

Inquiries may also be addressed to Peter Svenonius,
Inquiries should NOT contain the expression, "VO and OV abstract" in the
subject line.

We regret that we do not have funds to finance the travel or lodging
expenses of speakers. However, crash space can be arranged.

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Anders Holmberg phone: +47 77645616
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University of Tromso
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