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Mon Mar 30 1998

Calls: Workshop on Modality, Storage and Computation

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  1. BARBIERS, Workshop on Modality (second call for papers)
  2. LOT (Christien Bok), second call for papers

Message 1: Workshop on Modality (second call for papers)

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:10:23 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Workshop on Modality (second call for papers)

Second call for papers

SLE 31, St Andrews, Scotland, 26-30 August 1998

Organizers: Sjef Barbiers (Leiden), Frits Beukema (Leiden), 
Olga Tomic (Novi Sad), Milena Milojevic Sheppard (Ljubljana),
Marija Golden (Ljubljana).

Closing date for submission of abstract: 1 June 1998
Date of acceptance/rejection of abstract: 1 July 1998

Please submit abstract (1 x A4 max) to:

Dr Sjef Barbiers
HIL/Dep. of Dutch Studies
PO Box 9515
Leiden, NL 2300 RA
The Netherlands

Prof. Olga Miseska Tomic
Bulevar Avnoja 109/III, stan 16
Beograd YU 11070

Dr Frits Beukema
HIL/Dep. of English
PO Box 9515
Leiden, NL 2300 RA
The Netherlands
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Message 2: second call for papers

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 18:01:15 +0200
From: LOT (Christien Bok) <>
Subject: second call for papers


Congress on:

"Storage and Computation in Linguistics"

Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, October 19th, 20th and 21st , 1998

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 15th , 1998

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Utrecht Institute of
Linguistics OTS is organizing a three-day international congress from
October 19th through October 21st 1998. The theme of this congress is
"Storage and Computation in Linguistics". Invited speakers include:
Steve Pinker, evening lecture; Ray Jackendoff (keynote lecture), Frans
Zwarts, The architecture of the language faculty, Harald Clahsen,
Steven Gillis, language acquisition; John Ohala, Geert Booij, language
change; Sally Thomason, Pieter Muysken, language variation; Nicholas
Asher, Frans van Eemeren, discourse analysis; Ed Keenan & Ed Stabler,
Jan Koster, grammar design.

Two distinct cognitive resources that people may employ in
interpreting and producing linguistic utterances are, on the one hand,
memory, and, on the other, computational procedures. An utterance may
be assigned a certain structure and interpretation because it is
recognized as an instance of a pattern that is stored in memory, or
because computational procedures build up a complex representation of
that pattern. In linguistics, this contrast is usually identified with
the contrast between lexicon and grammar. In the context of this
congress, the distinction is broadly conceived as a tool for exploring
our understanding of language structure and language use.

The relation between storage and computation will be analysed on the
basis of a broad range of empirical questions, concerning issues in
the representation and acquisition of linguistic knowledge, the
foundations of language and information, and the cognitive and
computational aspects of language use and processing. Implications of
the distinction between storage and computation will be discussed for
six different domains of linguistic inquiry:

* the architecture of the language faculty
* language acquisition
* language change
* language variation
* discourse analysis
* grammar design

The format of the congress is as follows: 

(1)A number of well-known linguistic scholars of different persuasions
and from different subdisciplines are asked to contribute invited
papers relating to the congress theme. There will be two invited
speakers for each of the six domains of linguistic inquiry mentioned

(2)There will be around twenty slots for presentations of selected
papers. Each selected paper will be allotted 25 minutes, including
discussion. There will only be plenary sessions.

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