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Wed Jan 14 1998

Qs: Prepositions, Chinese, Author

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  1. Antonio Revuelta, English prepositions
  2. Bruno Contigiani, Chinese
  3. Florin, Author of lsa(97)

Message 1: English prepositions

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:51:01 +0100
From: Antonio Revuelta <>
Subject: English prepositions

I am looking for any kind of information (articles, papers, books, etc.)
about the following English prepositions and/or their translations in other
languages (no matter which languages: Spanish, German, French, Dutch,
Latin, Ancient Greek, etc.):

(1) "instead of" (Spanish "en vez de", German "statt von")
(2) "in addition to"/"besides" (Spanish "adem\225s de"/"aparte de", German
"ausser"/"abgesehen von")
(3) "unlike"/"contrary to"/"in contrast to" (Spanish "a diferencia de",
German "im Gegensatz zu")
(4) "except"/"save" (Spanish "excepto"/"salvo"/"aparte de", German
"ausser"/"abgesehen von")

As soon as I have got enough information, I shall make it available through
the Linguist List.

Antonio Revuelta (Department of Classics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
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Message 2: Chinese

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:22:26 -0300
From: Bruno Contigiani <>
Subject: Chinese

Hi to all!
 Since a very long time I've been looking for a software that
would permit me translate messages in chinese in the Internet into the
classical chinese ideographs. Almost every time I acces a site in
chinese I get ugly, for no one in the world understandable alpha,
beta, plus, minus, and so on. What happens is that every ideograph is
coded with two upper ASCII codes to be transmitted, and the software I
need translates them into ideographs. I already asked in chinese
sites, but nothing seems clear available there! My NETSCAPE includes
chinese language, but I can't make it to work!
 If someone can help, from now on, thank you extremely much!

Yours sincerely

Mr. Bruno Contigiani
Esmeralda 1773
(1655) Jose Leon Suarez
Prov. de Buenos Aires
Tel./Fax.: 54-1-720-1946 
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Message 3: Author of lsa(97)

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 22:39:41 +0200
From: Florin <>
Subject: Author of lsa(97)

Quite a long time ago I downloaded an article named "PRO, the EPP and
Nominative Case: Evidence from Irish Infinitivals" posted as
Lsa(97).rtf. Unfortunately I don't remember the web site I downloaded
it from and the article says nothing about its author. Does anybody
know who wrote it?

Best regards,

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