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Fri Apr 3 1998

Sum: Phrases and Mental Lexicon

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  1. Udo Lakemper, Phrases and Mental Lexicon

Message 1: Phrases and Mental Lexicon

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 12:26:39 +0200
From: Udo Lakemper <>
Subject: Phrases and Mental Lexicon

Some weeks ago I asked for information concerning phrases / idioms and
the mental lexicon. I received a number of very useful mails. But
unfortunately - due to a removal - I have been cut off from electronic
communication. Therefore this summary reaches you with some delay. If
you need further information - please contact me.

I do apologize!
Best wishes 

Summary of recommended publications and own findings:

- Ray Jackendoff: "The Architecture of the Language Faculty" (MIT
Press, 1996)

- Pate et al. (1987), "Specifying the nature of the production
impairment in a conduction aphasic: A case study. In: Language and
Cognitive Processes, 2 (1), pp. 43-84.

- Ray Gibbs: The Poetics of Mind

- Burger, Harald et al. (1982), Handbuch der Phraseologie, Berlin: De

- Welte, Werner (1990), Englische Phraseologie und Idiomatik,
Frankfurt/M.(excellent bibliography)

- Proceedings of the Tilburg Workshops on Idioms (1989 and 1992).

- P. Larrivee: Parametres d'analyse en semantique linguistique (1997)
(available at: )

- Idioms: structural and psychological perspectives", edited by
Everaert, Van der Linden, Schenk and Schreuder, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1995

- E. J. van der Linden: A categorial, computational theory of idioms.

- D. Dobrovolaskij: Kognitive Aspekte der Idiom-Semantik. Tubingen

- A. Haecki-Buhofer: Psycholinguistische Aspekte in der Bildhaftigkeit
von Phraseologismen. In: Europhras 1988. ed. by
G. Greciano. Strasbourg 1989 (the different volumes of
"Europhras-Akten" contain a number of very good articles!)

- A. Buhofer: Der Spracherwerb von phraseologischen Wortverbindungen.
Eine psycholinguistische Untersuchung am schweizerdeutschen Material.
Frauenfeld 1980

- W. M. J. Levelt: From Intention to articulation. Cambridge 1989

- D. A. Swinney, A. Cutler: The acces and processing of idiomatic
expressions. In: Journal of Verbal Lerning and Verbal Behavior Vol. 18
(1979), 523-534

- F. daArcais, B. Giovanni. R. J. Jarvella (eds.) : The process of
language understanding. New York 1983

- C. Cacciari, P. Tabossi (eds.): Idioms: Processing, Structure, and
Interpretations. Hillsdale 1993

- B. Christen: Die Rolle der rechten Hirnhalfte im Verstandnis von
Phraseolexemen mit und ohne Kontext. Bern 1995


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Udo Lakemper
Germanistisches Institut
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
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