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Sat Apr 11 1998

Jobs: Computational Ling, Studentship

Editor for this issue: Martin Jacobsen <>


  1. Alex Kott, Comp. Linguistics, Text Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. UiL-OTS, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics

Message 1: Comp. Linguistics, Text Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA

Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 18:16:31 -0400
From: Alex Kott <>
Subject: Comp. Linguistics, Text Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Group, Inc., Research and Technology Development department,
invite a researcher in text interpretation, information filtering,
retrieval and integration, fact extraction. If you are interested in
independent, innovative work and leadership of small R&D teams you
will find this an excellent opportunity.

We will consider both full-time and part-time candidates.

Carnegie Group, located in Pittsburgh, PA, has a strong record of
technology development and of practical, deployed applications in text

Examples include

 * TIPSTER/UNDERLINE - we are developing text summarization technology
and tools, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University; 
* the CONSTRUE/TIS system we developed for Reuters Ltd. to categorize
a database of news stories; CONSTRUE achieved 92% recall, 90%
precision on a 88 category set covering general economic news;
 * TCS (Text Categorization Shell) is a generic shell that categorizes
a stream of texts into a predetermined set of categories based on
 * Situational Filter - a project to develop an approach to
categorizing and filtering battlefield message traffic "tuned" to the
commander's current view of the situation;
 * JASPER (Journalist's Assistant for Preparing Earnings Reports)
takes as input a live feed of company press releases from PR Newswire,
extracts a predetermined set of information, reformats that
information into a candidate Reuters news story and ships it off to a
financial journalist for validation;
 * CAT is a large machine translation project for Caterpillar
Corporation, being developed by Carnegie Group in conjunction with
Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Machine Translation;
 * commercial software products such as NameFinder - extractor of
names entities, and ClearCheck - controlled authoring environment.


 This researcher will join an R&D team dedicated to creation and
early investigation of advanced technologies. She/he will focus on
projects in the areas of information filtering, retrieval and
integration, natural text processing, fact extraction.

Her/his responsibilities would include:

 - lead development of innovative ideas and preparation of powerful,
winning research proposals for Government R&D funding, in cooperation
with Business Development group;

 - act as a Principal Investigator or a key researcher on a variety of
research and technology development projects;

 - interface with customers;

 - lead rapid prototyping of proof of concept demonstrations;

 - write and publish conference papers, journal articles.

 - support transition of promising technologies into engineering


 Dr. Alexander Kott
 Director, R&TD
 Carnegie Group, Inc.
 5 PPG Place
 Pittsburgh, PA 15222

 (412) 642-6900
 (412) 642-6906
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Message 2: Utrecht Institute of Linguistics

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 16:16:55 -0400 (EDT)
From: UiL-OTS <>
Subject: Utrecht Institute of Linguistics

Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS is a research institute of the
Faculty of Arts of Utrecht University. It is strongly committed to
academic excellence and involved in many national and international
researc activities. It participates in the Netherlands Graduate School
of Linguistics LOT and in the Graduate school of Logic (OzsL). The UiL
OTS searches candidates for
 	5 Graduate Positions starting September 1, 1998.

The research groups of UiL OTS cover a large area of linguistic
research: Phonetics, Syntax & Semantics, Morphology & Phonology,
Computational Linguistics and Logic, Language Acquisition & Language
Teaching, Language Use and Translation Studies. An important goal of
the institute is to bring together different strands of linguistic
research thus creating new and challenging perspectives. Research
within UiL OTS centers around several themes of which we mention the
following: syntax-semantics interface, aspect and quantification,
optimality theory in phonology, coherence-relations in texts, text
design processes, logic of grammatical resources, language processing
and language acquisition, phonetic characteristics of idioms. On these
and other areas project proposals have been formulated.

Projects: Candidates are invited to apply for a graduate position in
one of these research fields. As part of their training candidates
will carry out a research project. In each of these fields projects
have been formulated by the institute staff, but candidates may also
apply on the basis of a proposal of their own. Such proposals will be
evaluated against the research program of the institute. Summaries of
the available projects will be sent to you on request. These summaries
are also available on our Web-page: Part of the selection procedure will be
to elaborate a project proposal on the basis of a summary.

We ask enthusiasm for scientific research and evident interest in one
of the areas of research of UiL OTS. The candidate should have a
relevant doctoraal, or equivalent (MA) exam. Those who will finish
their doctoraal/MA before September 1 1998 are also eligible.

We offer a stimulating and innovative research environment with many
international contacts, a program which offers possibilities for
education in a broad area of linguistics, and a stipend of
Dfl. 3.000, (before taxes) per month. Contingent on progress the
stipend will be available for four years.

Information will be provided by professor Eric Reuland (academic
director), tel. +31-30-256006, or dr. Jan Don (program coordinator),
tel. +31-30-2536065.

Applications may be sent before May 4 to the Utrecht institute of
Linguistics OTS, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Applications should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, two
references, a list of academic results, and a written specimen of
academic research (MA-thesis, paper, etc.)

Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
voice: #31 (0)30-2536006
fax: #31 (0)30-2536000
postal adress:
Trans 10, 3512 JK,
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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