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Tue Apr 14 1998

Confs: WAIL'98-WS on American Indigenous Languages

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  1. Gary Holton, Confs: American Indigenous Languages (WAIL)

Message 1: Confs: American Indigenous Languages (WAIL)

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:42:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gary Holton <>
Subject: Confs: American Indigenous Languages (WAIL)

WAIL '98
Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
University of California, Santa Barbara
May 9-10, 1998

The linguistics department at the University of California, Santa
Barbara presents the first annual Workshop on American Indigenous
Languages (WAIL). The workshop will be a forum for the discussion of
theoretical and descriptive linguistic studies of indigenous languages
of the Americas.

Registration is $15. Further information is available at the workshop
website, or contact
the workshop coordinator at

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Friday, May 8

** Evening (Time TBA) **
Welcoming reception

Saturday, May 9

** Early morning session (8:30 -10:00 a.m.) **

Invited speaker:
Wallace Chafe, University of California, Santa Barbara
Verbal artistry

James Kari, Alaska Native Language Center and Dena'inaq Titaztun
Notes on mnemonic devices and strategy in Northern Athabaskan
geographic names

Kathleen Martin, University of California, Santa Barbara
Translation and analysis of a Lakota woman's story

** Late morning session (10:15-11:45 a.m.) **

Jack B. Martin, College of William and Mary
'Switch reference' and temporal distance in Creek

Matthew Davidson, State University of New York, Buffalo
Inversion in Makah

Janne Underriner, University of Oregon
Nonconfigurationality in Klamath

** Keynote address (1:00-1:45 p.m.) **

Nicola Bessell, University of Texas, Austin / University of
California, Santa Barbara
Phonetic naturalness in phonology

** Early afternoon session (2:00-3:30 p.m.) **

Madelaine Plauche, University of California, Berkeley
Glottalized Sonorants in Yowlumne (Yawelmani)

Rosemary G. Beam de Azcona, University of California, Berkeley
Preliminary remarks on tone in Coatlan-Loxicha Zapotec

Carrie Weiman, Georgetown University
Constraint reranking in Plains Cree

** Late afternoon session (3:30-5:15 p.m.) **

Loretta O'Connor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Active case-marking in Chontal

David Beck, University of Toronto
Eliding the obvious: Zero subjects in Lushootseed

Pilar M. Valenzuela, University of Oregon
The grammaticalization of the nominative case in Wariapano (Panoan)

** Saturday evening **
Dinner party -- all invited!
6:30-9:00 p.m., Chafe/Mithun residence

- --------------------------------------------------------
Sunday, May 10

** Early morning session (9:00-10:30 a.m.) **

Invited speaker: 
Marianne Mithun, University of California, Santa Barbara
Noun and verb in possession

Troi Carleton and Rachelle Waksler, San Francisco State University
The pronominal system of Zenzontepec Chatino

Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University
The double life of Halkomelem suffixes

** Late morning session (10:45-12:15) **

Aaron Broadwell, State University of New York, Albany; University
of California, Los Angeles
Directionals as complex predicates in Choctaw

Suzanne Wash, University of California, Santa Barbara
Constituency and dependent marking in Barbareno Chumash

Tim Thornes, University of Oregon
'Secondary' verbs in Northern Paiute

** Early afternoon session (1:30-3:00 p.m.) **

Veronica Grondona, University of Pittsburgh
Location and direction in Mocovi

Jordan Lachler, University of New Mexico
Sense development and grammaticization of 'he' in West Virginia Mingo

Ferdinand de Haan, University of New Mexico
On the grammaticalization of visual evidentiality

** Late afternoon session (3:15-4:45 p.m.) **

Christiane Cunha de Oliveira, University of Oregon
Functions of Apinaje 'o': A diachronic perspective

Heidi Johnson, University of Texas at Austin
Serial verb constructions in Zoque

Anna Berge, University of California, Berkeley
Language reacquisition in a Cherokee semi-speaker: Evidence from
clause construction
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