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Tue Apr 21 1998

Calls: UNESCO/Esperanto Symposium, LASSO-27

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  1. Gregory P. Meyjes, UNESCO/Esperanto Symposium in Montpellier, France (August 98)
  2. Garland D Bills, Call: LASSO-27

Message 1: UNESCO/Esperanto Symposium in Montpellier, France (August 98)

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 15:04:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory P. Meyjes <>
Subject: UNESCO/Esperanto Symposium in Montpellier, France (August 98)

 International League of Esperanto Teachers - ILEI
 Universal Esperanto Association - UEA
 with the support of UNESCO

 Dear colleague,

We are sending you the programme of an international meeting organized
by the International League of Esperanto Teachers and the Universal
Esperanto Association with the support of UNESCO. The meeting will be
held in Montpellier, France at the beginning of next August.

We would be very glad if you could take part. If you are interested in
giving a talk on one of the programme points, please let us know.

 Universal Esperanto Association


 Montpellier, France

7-8 August 1998


 1st Session


 Models of Intercultural Education

 Unesco projects for Intercultural Education

 Unesco projects for Education for Peace

 The role of languages in InterCultural Education

 Esperanto's possible role in Education for Peace

 2nd Session


 Preparing and monitoring language learning processes

 Experiments in Esperanto learning

 - ease of learning
 - as a tool to aid learning in other subjects
 - psychological impact
 - attitudes towards peace and other cultures

 Learning a planned language

 - teaching aids
 - teaching methods
 - tools for testing

 3rd Session

 THE ILEI-UEA- PROJECT "Interkulturo"

Aims of the ILEI-UEA project, as part of Unesco's project "Linguapax",
for Intercultural Education and education for Peace.

 Network of participating schools

 - common traits
 - specific traits
 - communication between participating schools

 Tools for teaching and testing in the project

 Teaching experiments to be included in the project


 Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj - ILEI
 Universala Esperanto-Asocio - UEA
 kun la subteno de Unesko

 e-poshto <>

 Kara kolego,

Ni sendas al vi la programon de internacia kunveno organizata de
Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj kaj Universala
Esperanto-Asocio kun la subteno de Unesko. La kunveno okazos en
Montpeliero, Francujo, je la komenco de augusto.

Ni estus tre kontentaj se vi povus partopreni. Se vi interesighas
kontribui pri unu el la program-temoj, bonvolu informi nin.



 Montpeliero, Francujo

 7-a, 8-a de augusto 1998-a


 1-a Sesio


 Modeloj de interkultura edukado

 La Unesko-projektoj pri interkultura edukado

 La Unesko-projektoj pri edukado al paco

 La roloj de lingvoj en interkultura edukado

 La eblaj roloj de Esperanto en la edukado pri paco

 2-a sesio


 Antauaranghado kaj kontrolado de lingvo-lernaj procedoj

 Eksperimentoj pri lernado de Esperanto:
 - pri facileco
 - pri lern-faciligo al aliaj fakoj
 - pri emociaj efikoj
 - pri sintenoj al paco kaj al respekto de aliaj kulturoj

 Plani la lernadon de planlingvo:

 3-a Sesio

 LA ILEI-UEA-PROJEKTO "Interkulturo"

 Celoj de la UEA-projekto "Interkulturo", en la kadro de la
 Unesko-projekto Linguapax, pri interkultura edukado
 kaj edukado al paco

 Reto de partoprenantaj lernejoj:
 -komunaj ecoj

 Lernilaro kaj kontrolilaro por la projekto

 Instru-eksperimentoj kadre de la projekto


 Internacia Ligo de Esperantista Instruistoj - ILEI
 Universala Esperanto-Asocio - UEA
 Nieuwe Binnenweg, 176
 NL-3015 Rotterdam
 tel. +31-10-4361044
 fax +31-10-4361751

 Renato Corsetti
 Colle Rasto
 I-00036 Palestrina
 tel. +39-6-9575713
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Message 2: Call: LASSO-27

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 15:26:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Garland D Bills <>
Subject: Call: LASSO-27

	 Call for Papers
	27th Annual Meeting of the
 Linguistic Association of the Southwest
(meeting jointly with WECOL, Western Conference on Linguistics)

	October 9-11, 1998
	Arizona State University
	Tempe, Arizona

Invited Speaker: Jane H. Hill (U of Arizona)
Presidential Address: Robert D. King (U of Texas-Austin)

Proposals for papers in any area of linguistics will be
considered. For the 1998 meeting at Arizona State University,
submissions regarding languages of the Southwest are particularly
encouraged. We also especially solicit graduate student papers, which
may be submitted following the meeting for consideration for the
Helmut Esau Prize, a $250 cash award made annually by LASSO.

Presentation time for papers will be limited to twenty minutes plus
ten minutes for discussion.

of acceptance of papers will be sent out by August 1, 1998. Only one
abstract as single author and a second as co- author will be accepted
from any individual.

Abstracts must be no longer than one page (maximum of 250 words) and
should summarize the main points of the paper and explain relevant
aspects of the data, methodology, and argumentation employed. Keep use
of special font items (e.g. phonetic symbols, diacritic marks,
branching diagrams, logical notation) to a bare minimum. Abstracts of
accepted papers will be published exactly as received in a booklet for
distribution at the meeting. At the beginning of your abstract place
the paper title, and at the end of an e-mailed abstract (or on a
separate page of a mailed abstract) repeat the title along with your
name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail

It is strongly preferred that abstracts be submitted by e-mail. Send
to: In the absence of e-mail, or if your

abstract contains any special symbols, send one hard copy of the
abstract with a diskette (labeled for operating system and word
processing program) to:

	Jill Brody
	Department of Geography & Anthropology
	Louisiana State University
	Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4105 USA
	Tel. 504-388-6171

LASSO presenters are encouraged to submit their polished papers to be
considered for publication in the _Southwest Journal of Linguistics_.

Presentation of papers at the LASSO annual meetings is a privilege of
membership in LASSO; 1998 dues must be paid by June 15 in order for
your abstract to be considered. Annual dues for individuals are
US$15.00 (US$7.50 for students, retired persons, and those not
employed). To pay dues or for additional information, contact:

	Garland D. Bills, Executive Director, LASSO
	Department of Linguistics
	University of New Mexico
	Albuquerque, NM 87131-1196 USA
	Tel.: 505-277-7416
	Fax: 505-277-6355
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