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Fri Apr 24 1998

Calls: Generative Ling, Digital Libraries

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  2. Stavros A. Papadakis, ECDL98 - Final Call For Papers

Message 1: CONSOLE 7: CFP

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:27:00 +0100 (MET)
From: REDFORD <>
Subject: CONSOLE 7: CFP

- -----------------------------
CONSOLE 7 - Call for Papers
- -----------------------------

The seventh meeting of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe
(ConSOLE) will be held at the University of Bergen, Norway, from 9 to 11
December 1998.

SOLE aims at providing students of generative linguistics with a
possibility of gaining international experience and a publication forum of
their own. Furthermore, SOLE strives to enhance contacts and cooperation
between students of generative linguistics in Europe and around the world.

Papers are solicited from students in the field of generative linguistics, 
more specifically in, but not limited to, phonology, morphology, semantics, 
sign language, language acquisition and syntax.

Submissions may be sent either by regular mail or e-mail. If regular mail
is used, please send five copies, of which four should be anonymous and one
should contain your name, affiliation, address and e-mail address.
Abstracts should be set in at least 10 point and must not exceed two
pages, including references, diagrams, and examples. Please send abstracts

		ConSOLE 7
		Department of Linguistics and Comparative Literature
		Section for Linguistic Studies
		Sydnesplass 7
		N-5007 Bergen

E-mail submissions must be text only (ASCII format). Abstracts submitted in
this way should not exceed 1300 words, including references, diagrams, and
examples, and they may be sent to:

The deadline for submission is 1 August, 1998 (regardless of mode of
submission). Abstracts received after 1 August will not be considered.
Submissions by fax will not be accepted.

Questions regarding submissions and the conference in general can be
addressed to the local organisers at the following e-mail address or fax

		Fax: 	+47-55 58 93 54

or to the SOLE board at the following e-mail address:

Information regarding the conference can be found at the following website:

Local Organisers: 						SOLE board:

Oystein Alexander Vangsnes				Michael Redford
Dagmar Bendt						Tina Cambier-Langeveld
Inger Marie Berntzen					Aniko Liptak
Torodd Kinn
Martha Thunes
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Message 2: ECDL98 - Final Call For Papers

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 17:59:36 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Stavros A. Papadakis <>
Subject: ECDL98 - Final Call For Papers



Second European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for
 Digital Libraries

European European ICS-FORTH University of
Union Research Crete
	 Consortium for 
	 Informatics and 

 19 - 23 September, 1998
 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Be sure to check the following categories:
 Papers, Posters, Accepted Tutorials, Panels and Demos,
 Invited Speakers, Special Sessions

- Objectives 

This conference is the second of a series of European conferences on
research and technology for digital libraries funded by the European
Commission's TMR Programme. Its objectives are: to bring together
researchers from multiple disciplines whose science relates to the
development of digital libraries; to provide an opportunity for these
scientists to form a research community in Europe specific to digital
library development and to enable them to discuss issues and
strategies specific to the European context; to assist young
researchers in establishing relationships with senior scientists in
their areas of interest; to enable review and discussion of research
under way in Europe, the US, Japan and other countries on digital
libraries; to stimulate researchers, especially young scientists, to
explore new areas of interest in digital library development; to
establish a forum for discussion of issues specific to Europe such as
interoperability, multilinguality, intellectual property policy, and
information commerce; to provide an opportunity for researchers in the
relevant enabling technologies and information sciences, to discuss
issues related to interoperability between world wide distributed
digital libraries.

>From a technical point of view, the European Conferences series aims
to contribute to the definition of those digital library parameters
which especially influence issues of access, retrieval, and
interaction with information; to identify key problems which must be
solved to make digital library services an effective reality; to
identify a general structure or framework for integrating research and
solutions; and to propose and encourage specific, high priority
research directions within such a framework.

- Topics 

The conference organisers solicit papers on topics related to digital
libraries, including but not limited to the following list:

o Digital Library Models, Frameworks, and System Requirements 
o Metadata 
o System Integration and Architecture Issues 
o Interoperability, Scalability 
o Networked Information Discovery, Agent Technologies 
o Information Retrieval, Organisation, Navigation - Tools and
o Multilinguality 
o Role of Knowledge Representation Systems in Digital Library
o Collecting, Capturing, Filtering, Cataloging, Indexing, 
o Preserving 
o Intellectual Property Rights, Terms and Conditions, Rights
o Authoring, Electronic Publishing, Electronic Commerce and
	Information Economies
o Economic and Social Implications and Issues 
o User Interfaces 
o Handling of Graphics, GIS, Medical Data, Multimedia Information,
	Experimental Data and
o Scientific Models 
Conference Programme 

The conference will be held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Tutorials
will be organised on the 19th and 20th of September 1998 (for a list
of accepted tutorials please consult the relevant section below). The
opening session will take place at 9.00a.m. on Monday the 21th of
September 1998 and the final session will take place on Wednesday
afternoon, the 23th of September 1998. Full details on the scientific
programme of the Conference will be published on our Web site by the
1st of July 1998.

- Important Dates 

 15 May 1998 Papers and proposals for posters deadline
 25 June 1998 Notification of paper and poster acceptance 
 1 July 1998 Scientific Programme on the Web 
 25 July 1998 Final papers due 
 19,20 September 1998 Tutorials 
 21-23 September 1998 Conference 

- Posters 

During the conference a space will be reserved for poster
sessions. Research projects of any scale are invited to illustrate
innovative concepts and prototype systems.

Poster proposals should include title, names of presenters and outline
(max. 500 words). Electronic submissions are obligatory; proposals
should be submitted by e-mail to the Conference Secretariat,

- Papers 

- Submission Details

Papers (max 20 pages, double spaced) should be submitted
electronically in HTML format, either by e-mail to the Conference
Secretariat,, or to our ftp site,

In either case please follow the guidelines below:

1. in your submission there should be exaclty one HTML file containing
	the paper text, suitable for review printing

2. each figure (or other material except text) should be in a separate

3. all files consisting your paper should be gathered in a single file
	(zip or tar format)
4. submit your paper (please note that electronic submissions are
	obligatory) either by e-mail or ftp

5. send a separate e-mail message to containing the
	title, abstract, keywords for the paper and the relevant contact

- The deadline for paper submissions is May 15, 1998.

- Important Information

- Best papers will be proposed for publication in a special issue of
	the IJODL

The best papers of the conference will be proposed for publication
(after a new revision and refereeing process) in a special issue of
 International Journal on Digital Libraries
 ( )

- Accepted papers will be published by Springer

All accepted papers for the conference will be published by
Springer. Upon selection of your paper you are also obliged to provide
us another copy of your paper, in LaTeX2e or MS Word format, following
the guidelines provided by Springer. The final date for the
preparation of the accepted papers will be July 15, 1998. Detailed
information on preparing accepted papers for publishing can be found
at the Springer-Verlag web site, Please be
sure to read the "Information for Authors"

 ( ),

as well as the new version of the "Authors's Instructions" (you may
retrieve this file in PDF format from
or in Postscript format from;

you may also retrieve all related files from our web site; information
will be available from our web pages shortly).


Detailed information regarding tutorials, demos and panels can be
found at the conference web page

 In brief, accepted tutorials for the conference are the following 
 1. Standards for interfacing with a digital library
 by Larry Masinter
 2. Thesauri for knowledge-based assistance in searching digital libraries
 by Dagobert Soergel
 3. Visual Information System
 by Babu M. Mehtre
 4. Multimedia Information Retrieval, categorisation, and filtering
 by Pasquale Savino and Fabrizio Sebastiani
 5. Designing Content for the Web of Tomorrow,
 World Wide Web Consortium sponsored Tutorial
 by Bert Bos
 6. Metadata on the Web: the Resource Description Framework (RDF),
 World Wide Web Consortium sponsored Tutorial
 by Janne Saarela
 7. Metadata for Networked Resources
 by Renato Iannella, Carl Lagoze and Stuart Weibel

 A tutorial registration form will be available shortly from our web pages.

 Accepted panels for the conference
 1. Interaction Design in Digital Libraries
 Panelists: Constantine Stephanidis, David Benyon, Mark Maybury,
 Daniel Dardailler, Dan Diaper 
 2. Digital Video Libraries: Providing Access to the Moving Image
 Panelists: Richard Paterson, Rachel Hughes, Robin Wright, Bruce Tonkin
 3. Digital Library Technologies in Health Care
 Panel Coordinator: Prof. Stelios Orphanoudakis
 4. Architectures and services for cultural heritage information
 Panel Coordinator: Panos Constantopoulos
 5. Metadata and content-based approaches to resource discovery
 Panel Organizers: Thomas Baker and Judith Klavans 

 Accepted demos for the conference
 1. Liberation
 by Robert Stubenrauch
 2. Aquarelle
 by Vassilis Christophides
 3. Aontas: The CaberNet Technical Report and Abstracts Service
 by Frank Siqueira
 4. The Low-Cost Digital Library
 by Philip Konomos
 5. Multilingual Informedia: A Demonstration of Speech Recognition and
 Information Retrieval across Multiple Languages
 by Howard Wactlar
 6. ARHON: A Multimedia Database Design for Image Documents
 by Kostas Chandrinos
 7. Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) Digital Library System
 by Hideki Sunahara
 8. The Document Management System SAROS/Mezzanine
 by Norbert Lossau
 9. Unicode-based Digital Library Interface
 by Sarantos Kapidakis
 10. ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library
 by Stefania Biagioni
 11. CiBIT: Biblioteca Telematica Italiana. A Digital Library for the
 Italian Cultural Heritage
 by Eugenio Picchi
 12. INTEX: Searching Information in Full Text
 by Maurice Gross
 13. Calliope: an experiment in Digital Libraries
 by Catherine Alauzun

- Invited Speakers

 * Dr. Donald F. Ferguson 
 Senior Manager IBM T.J Watson Reseach Center, 
 IBM Academy, USA 
 Software Systems and Middleware for Information Economies and
 Digital Libraries

 * Dr. James J. O'Donnell 
 Professor of classical studies,
 Vice Provost for Computing
 University of Pennsylvania, USA
 The Digital Library in the University: How We Use it 

 * Dr. Amy Friedlander 
 CNRI, Editor of the D-Lib Magazine 
 Dr. William Y. Arms 
 CNRI, Publisher of the D-Lib Magazine
 Publishing at the Speed of Web-Light; Experiences from D-Lib Magazine

 * Mark T. Maybury 
 Advanced Information Systems Center, The MITRE Corporation 
 Intelligent Multimedia Information Access

- Special Sessions

 A special session on "Digital Library Technologies for Libraries" will be 
 held during the conference. Detailed information can be found at the 
 conference web site.

 Session organiser: Ann Okerson
 Speakers: Diann Rusch-Feja, John Price-Wilkin, Chris Rusbridge 

- Proceedings 

The Proceedings will be published by Springer as a volume in their Lecture
Notes in Computer Science series and will be distributed at the Conference. 

- Fellowship for Young Researchers 

A limited number of fellowships for the Conference and also for Tutorials are
available for young researchers who are citizens of European Union countries or
Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. The fellowship offers free registration for
the participants and, in special cases where necessary and appropriately
justified, may pay for or reimburse travel and lodging expenses. 

- Programme Chair 

 Christos Nikolaou, University of Crete & ICS-FORTH 
 Leoforos Knossou, GR-71110 Heraklion, Crete, Greece 
 Tel: +30 81 393199, 
 Fax: +30 81 210106 

- Programme Committee 

 Serge Abiteboul INRIA, France 
 Robert B. Allen Bellcore, USA 
 Thomas Baker Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand 
 William Birmingham University of Michigan, USA 
 Panos Constantopoulos University of Crete & ICS-FORTH, Greece 
 Bruce Croft University of Massachusetts, USA 
 Costis Dallas Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece 
 Edward A. Fox Virginia Technical University, USA 
 Norbert Fuhr University of Dortmund, Germany 
 Hector Garcia-Molina Stanford University, USA 
 Keith Jeffery RAL-CLRC, UK 
 Martin Kersten CWI, Netherlands 
 Judith Klavans Columbia University, USA 
 Carl Lagoze Cornell University, USA 
 Clifford A. Lynch Coalition for Networked Information, USA 
 Jeff MacKie-Mason University of Michigan, USA 
 A. Desai Narasimhalu National University of Singapore, Singapore 
 Ann Okerson Yale University, USA 
 Olle Olsson SICS, Sweden 
 Andreas Paepcke Stanford University, USA 
 Nicholas Patrikalakis MIT, USA 
 Carol Peters IEI-CNR, Italy 
 Jakka Sairamesh IBM-T.J. Watson Research Center, USA 
 Peter Schauble ETH Zurich, Switzerland 
 Hans Joerg Schek ETH Zurich, Switzerland 
 Eric Simon INRIA, France 
 Ingeborg T. Solvberg University of Science and Technology, Norway 
 Constantine Stephanidis ICS-FORTH, Greece 
 Shigeo Sugimoto University of Library and Information Science,Japan
 Costantino Thanos IEI-CNR, Italy 
 Ulrich Thiel GMD-IPSI, Germany 
 Stuart Weibel OCLC, USA 

- Local Organising Committee 

 Sarantos Kapidakis ICS-FORTH, Greece 
 Penelope Constanta ICS-FORTH, Greece 
 Spyros Lalis University of Crete, Greece 
 Gioylh Koraoy University of Crete, Greece
 Stella Vourou University of Crete & ICS-FORTH, Greece
 Mixalhs Tzekakhs University of Crete, Greece
 Maria Stavrakaki University of Crete, Greece
 Rena Kalaitzaki University of Crete, Greece
 Maria Prevelianaki ICS-FORTH, Greece
 Liana Kefalaki ICS-FORTH, Greece
 Dimitris Papadakis University of Crete, Greece
 Manolis Marazakis University of Crete, Greece
 Anastasia Anastasiadi ICS-FORTH, Greece
 Stavros Papadakis University of Crete, Greece

- Contact Info 

For more information regarding this conference contact the conference

 Rena Kalaitzaki and Maria Stavrakaki
 University of Crete, 
 Computer Science Department, 
 Tel: +30 81 393504 
 Fax: +30 81 393501 

You can subscribe to the announcement list of the "Second European Conference 
on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries"
by sending electronic mail to '' with body
'subscribe ecdl2-announce <your email address>'
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