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Tue Apr 28 1998

Qs: Italian NP

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  1. bingfu, Italian NP

Message 1: Italian NP

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:44:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: bingfu <>
Subject: Italian NP

Dear Netters,
	Longogbardi 1994 provides the following 
	 	a. 	Il mio Giani ha finalmente telefonato
		 	the my Gianni finally called up

	 	b. 	*Mio Gianni ha finalmente telefonato
		 	 my Gianni finally called up

	 	c. 	Gianni mio ha finalmente telefonato
		 	Gianni my finally called up

	 	d. 	Il Giani mio ha finalmente telefonato
		 	the Gianni my finally called up

He accounts for the paradigm in formalist terms.
My question is:

1. Is there any functional explanation?

2. Is there any meaning difference among a, c and d, 
especially between c and d.

I will incorporate the responses into my final summary
of the query about left-right asymmetries in word order

	Bingfu Lu
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