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Books: Phonology

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  1. grosenbe, Phonology

Message 1: Phonology

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:34:30 +0200
From: grosenbe <>
Subject: Phonology


Pier Marco Bertinetto, Livio Gaeta, GeorgiJetchev & David Michaels 
(eds), Certamen Phonologicum III. Papers from the Third Cortona 
Phonology Meeting, April 1996. Torino, Rosenberg & Sellier 1997, pp. 
291, price Lit. 63.000 (approximately US$ 37). ISBN 88-7011-717-0.

General Issues:
Hans Basboll, On Danish Schwa. Judith M. Broadbent, A review of Hume's 
account of consonant vowel interactions in Maltese Arabic. Bruce L. 
Derwing, Testing phonological universals in the laboratory. Tobias 
Scheer, Vowel-zero alternations and their support for a theory of 
consonantal interaction.

Prosodic theory:
Caroline Fery, The mora as a measure of weight and syllabic 
constituent. Karijn Helsloot, Poetic meter is metrical prosody: 
Phonological phrasing in Italian bound and free verse. Michael 
Kenstowicz & Hyang-Sook Sohn, Phrasing and Focus in Northern Kyungsang 

Italian dialects and phonological theory:
Matthew Absalom & John Hajek, Raddoppiamento sintattico: Wath happens 
when the theory is on too tight?. Mirco Ghini, Segments, prosodic units, 
and ambisyllabicity in Ligurian. Michele Loporcaro, On vowel epenthesis 
in Alguer Catalan. Michael L. Mazzola, From stress in Latin and Romance 
to lexical stress in Italian. Stephan Schmid, A typological view of 
syllable structure in some Italian dialects. Edward F. Tuttle, 
Preferential and pseudo-metathesis (in Italo-Romance dialects).
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