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Mon May 11 1998

Sum: Nuristani references

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  1. Melia M. E. Brush, Nuristani references

Message 1: Nuristani references

Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 21:46:04 -0600 (MDT)
From: Melia M. E. Brush <>
Subject: Nuristani references

Some weeks ago I posted a query about sources of information on the
Nuristani languages. Many thanks to those who responded:

E. Bashir				Marc Picard
Jakob Dempsey				Richard F. Strand

The materials suggested (ordered by recency):

Richard Strand's Nuristan Site

'Obstruct' Hamp, Eric P. Indo-Iranian-Journal, Dordrecht, Netherlands
(IIJ). 1988 Oct., 31:4, 301. IS: 0019-7246 PY: 1988

The dissertation written by David N Nelson: The Historical
Development of the Nuristani Languages. Dissertation Abstracts
Internationl 1986. 47 No. 2:522A-523A. David Nelson is currently
South Asian bibliographer/librarian at the University of Pennsylvania;
his e-mail address is

The Dardic and Nuristani languages
 D.I. Edelman ; [translated from the Russian by E.H. Tsipan ;
 edited by N.A. Dvoryankov].
 Moscow : "Nauka" Pub. House, Central Dept. of Oriental
 Literature, 1983.
 342, [2] p. ; 22 cm.
 Bibliography: p. 326-[343].

'Kafiren, Nuristani, Darden: Zur Klarung des Begriffssystems'
Jettmar,Karl. Anthropos: International Review of Ethnology and
Linguistics, Fribourg, Switzerland (Anthropos). 1982, 77:1-2, 254-263

A paper by Richard Strand "Notes on the Nuristani and Dardic Languages"
Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1973 93:297-305. Richard
Strand's e-mail address is:

'Mythological Texts from the Kates of Nuristan.' Morgenstierne, Georg
529-38 IN Filliozat-Jean. Melanges d'Indianisme a la Memoire de Louis
Renou. Paris : Boccard, 1968.

'On *R in Kafir' Hamp, Eric P. 124-137 IN Krishnamurti-Bhadriraju (ed.).
Studies in Indian Linguistics (Professor M. B. Emeneau Sastipurti Volume).
Poona; Annamalainagar : Cent. of
Advanced Study in Ling., Deccan Coll. & Annamalai Univ.

Again, thanks to all who provided suggestions.

Melia M. E. Brush 
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