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Jobs: Finno-Ugric, Linguistics

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  1. A.P.ten Cate, Prof. of Finno-Ugric Languages and Literature
  2. Shrestha, Uma - Humanities, Tenure track-linguistics

Message 1: Prof. of Finno-Ugric Languages and Literature

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 13:16:42 +0100
From: A.P.ten Cate <>
Subject: Prof. of Finno-Ugric Languages and Literature


The University of Groningen has a tradition spanning 380
years. The University currently has some 20,000 students. It
offers a broad range of subjects and awards Dutch Master_s
degrees (Mr., Ir., and Drs.). The education is of a high
level, and the University boasts a number of high-ranking
research schools. Some 200 Ph.D. degrees are awarded annually.
The university employs approximately 5500 people, and has
close international contacts.

Please send your application with your curriculum vitae, list
of publications, brief sketch of your vision on the field of
study and references to:
 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen,
 Dienst Personeel en Organisatie,
 Postbus 72,
 9700 AB Groningen,
before 15 February 1998. Please register the vacancy number on
the envelope and at the top of your letter.

The University of Groningen invites applications from female
candidates in particular.


Professor of Finno-Ugric Languages and Literature
Vacancy no. 980006

The Finno-Ugric Department has a vacancy for the position (1.0
fte) of professor.

The study course in Finno-Ugric Languages and Literature is
unique in the Dutch-speaking regions. This study course
provides education at both main and subsidiary subject level
in the field of 1) Finnish Language and Literature, 2)
Hungarian Language and Literature, and 3) Finno-Ugric
Linguistics. The Finno-Ugric Linguistics course follows on
from the completion of the foundation course of the other two
degree courses mentioned.

The research concerns the broad domain of the Finno-Ugric
languages, cultures and literature, in which those of Finland
and Hungary are the most prominently represented. In the field
of linguistics, historical-descriptive research is the central
theme, while attention is also given to lexicography. 
Research on culture and literature mainly takes place from a
semiotic and cultural-historical perspective. Research is
chiefly housed in the faculty research institutes of, on the
one hand, the Centre for Cognition Groningen (CLCG) and, on
the other, the Rudolf Agricola Institute in which research in
the field of the humanities is drawn together.

Job description
- performing, stimulating and supervising research in the
field of Finno-Ugric languages and their literature. The
professor is expected to participate in leading a research
topic in one of the faculty research institutes;
- guiding and supervising doctoral research in the field of
- providing education in the foundation course and in the
doctoral stage of (part of) the three degree courses, where
he/she will bear special responsibility for the (organisation
of) education in Finno-Ugric linguistics; Furthermore, he/she
is also expected to extend the process of internationalisation
and to give shape to forms of education which can strengthen
the profile and position of the Department and the Faculty. 
Here, one could think of interdisciplinary lectures concerning
Northern, Eastern and Central Europe, or the (Sub-)Arctic;
- attuning and stimulating research and education in the field
of the various degree courses and assuring their academic
- making a contribution to the governing and organisational
tasks within the department and the Faculty, developing a
vision on the position of the field of study both within and
outside the University;
- maintaining and developing international contacts,
particularly those with Finland and Hungary;
- fulfilling a leadership role with regard to the departmental
members of staff.

- a final university examination;
- a doctorate in a specialism of the Finno-Ugric languages and
their literature;
- a thorough knowledge of a field of the Finno-Ugric languages
and their literature, and insight into, knowledge of and
interest in those areas outside his/her direct specialism;
- comprehensive research experience, evident in publications;
- experience with the supervision and initiation of (doctoral)
- proven didactic qualities; demonstrable affinity and
experience with the provision of education in the various
fields of Finno-Ugric languages and their literature;
- demonstrable interest for interdisciplinary research and
- demonstrable qualities of leadership and representation;
- proven suitability for working in a team structure;
- excellent command of one of the main languages of either
Finnish or Hungarian and a reasonable command of the other
main language;
- good command of the Dutch language or a willingness to
acquire this within two years; the professor is expected -
should he/she have insufficient command of the Dutch language
at the time of his/her appointment - to provide education is
either English or German;

The salary is in accordance with Professorial salary scale A,
which ranges from Y 8,086.- to Y 11,853.- gross per month.

The University of Groningen has a policy of didactic training
for all personnel who have teaching duties. It is possible
that specific arrangements in this field will be made with the

Additional information
Those interested can obtain further information on the CLCG
Research Institute from Prof. Dr de Haan, Director of the CLCG
Institute, telephone ++ 31 50 363 44 92 (work) or ++ 31 50 525
19 90 (home), or e-mail <>.
Further information on the Rudolf Agricola Research Institute
can be obtained from Prof.Dr H.E. Wilcox-Boulton, member of
the Board of the Rudolf Agricola Institute, telephone ++ 31 50
363 70 47 (work) or ++ 31 50 526 31 85 (home), or e-mail
More detailed information on the Department of Finno-Ugric
Studies can be obtained from A.M. van der Hoeven, Departmental
Secretary, telephone ++ 31 50 363 7276 (work) or ++ 31 594 50
23 09 (home), or e-mail <>.
Written information on the study programme is available from
the Secretariat of Modern European Languages, telephone ++ 31
50 363 5850, fax ++ 31 50 363 58 21, or e-mail
Those wishing to draw attention to persons considered to be
qualified are requested to contact the Director of the
Personnel and Organisation Department in writing before 1
February 1998.
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Message 2: Tenure track-linguistics

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:40:44 PST
From: Shrestha, Uma - Humanities <>
Subject: Tenure track-linguistics

The Humanities Division of Western Oregon University is extending its 
search for an Assistant professor of English, Ph.D in Linguistics, to 
January 20th, 1998. The job announcement reads as follows:

Tenure track, beginning September 1998. Ph.D in Linguistics, 
evidence of successful teaching and promise of continued professional 
growth required. Teach lower- and upper-division language and 
writing courses; 12 hours per quarter. Salary competitive. 
Application, current vita, three current letters of reference and 
graduate transcripts mailed by Jan. 20, 1998 to Dr. Dennis Eddings, 
Chair, Humanities, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 97361. WOU 
is an AA/EOE employer. Minority candidates are especially encouraged 
to apply.
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