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Thu May 14 1998

Confs: Dependency-based Grammars

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  1. Sylvain Kahane, Dependency-based Grammars at Coling-ACL

Message 1: Dependency-based Grammars at Coling-ACL

Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 17:15:25 +0200
From: Sylvain Kahane <>
Subject: Dependency-based Grammars at Coling-ACL

 Coling-ACL '98 workshop

 "Processing of Dependency-based Grammars"


 Saturday, August 15, 1998
 Universit de Montral
 Montral, Canada

This one-day workshop will be a meeting point for researchers interested in
the implementation of Dependency-based Grammars (DGs). It will be a forum
for presenting different theoretical approaches to DGs, as well as
strategies adopted for their implementation. Although the focus of this
workshop is on DGs, it also aims at establishing connections between
different approaches to the modeling and implementation of grammatical

Nine papers have been selected for presentation at the workshop.
Additionally, four "short" papers will be included in the worhsop
proceedings. This is the pre-final program for the workshop. The schedule is
tentative and may vary slightly. Remember that you have to register for the
workshop. Information about registration can be found at the Coling-ACL

Schedule for presentations

 9h15-9h30 Opening address

 9h30-10h00 Towards an implementable dependency grammar
 Timo Jrvinen and Pasi Tapanaimen
 10h00-10h30 Unit Coordination and Gapping in Dependency Theory
 Vincenzo Lombardo and Leonardo Lesmo
 10h30-11h00 A Type of Natural Measures of Word Order Freedom
 Toms Holan, Vladislav Kubon, Karel Oliva and Martin Pltek

 11h00-11h15 Coffee break

 11h15-11h45 How to define a context-free backbone for DGs: An experiment
 in grammar conversion
 Norbert Brker
 11h45-12h15 Types of syntagmatic grammatical relations and their
 Elke Teich

 12h15-13h30 Lunch

 13h30-14h00 Movement rules revisited
 Eva Hajicov
 14h00-14h30 Integration of syntactic and lexical information in a
 hierarchical dependency grammar
 Cristina Barbero, Leonardo Lesmo, Vincenzo Lombardo and Paola

 14h30-14h45 Coffee break

 14h45-15h15 On parsing binary dependency structures deterministically in
 linear time
 Harri Arnola
 15h15-15h45 Decision Procedures for Dependency Parsing Using Graded
 Wolfgang Menzel and Ingo Schrder

 15h45-16h00 Closing address

Short papers

 * A case study in implementing dependency-based grammars
 Marie Bourdon, Lyne Da Sylva, Michel Gagnon, Alma Kharrat, Sonja Knoll
 and Anna Maclachlan
 * Parsing with Dependency Relations and Robust Parsing
 Jacques Courtin and Damien Genthial
 * Complements and Adjuncts in Depending Grammar Parsing Emulated by a
 Constrained Context-Free Grammar
 Tom B.Y. Lai and Huang Changning
 * An Annotated Corpus in Japanese Using Tesnire's Structural Syntax
 Yves Lepage, Ando Shin-Ichi, Akamine Susumu and Iida Hitoshi

For information concerning the workshop, please contact either member of the
organizing committee.

Organizing Committee

Sylvain Kahane (TALANA Paris VII / Universit Paris X; email:
Alain Polgure (OMTL Universit de Montral; email:

Program Committee

 * Anne Abeill (Universit Paris VII)
 * Michael A. Covington (University of Georgia)
 * Michael Elhadad (Ben-Gurion University)
 * Sylvain Kahane (TALANA Universit Paris VII/Universit Paris X)
 * Dick Hudson (University College London)
 * Igor Mel'cuk (Universit de Montral)
 * Alexis Nasr (Universit d'Avignon)
 * Alain Polgure (OMTL Universit de Montral)
 * Petr Sgall (Charles University)
 * Jacques Vergne (Universit de Caen)
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