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Sat Jan 17 1998

Calls: Cognitive Science, Mathematical Linguistics

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  1. Robert L. Campbell, Special Stream at Cognitive Society
  2. Carlos Martin Vide, WML: deadline extended

Message 1: Special Stream at Cognitive Society

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 17:35:53 -0500
From: Robert L. Campbell <campberCLEMSON.EDU>
Subject: Special Stream at Cognitive Society

Special "Stream" at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Madison, Wisconsin, August 1-4, 1998


Sean O Nuallain

Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland &

National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada


Robert L. Campbell

Department of Psychology, Clemson University,

Clemson, SC USA



Though deep and contentious questions of theory and metatheory have
always been prevalent in Cognitive Science--they arise whenever an
attempt is made to define Cognitive Science as a discipline--they have
frequently been downrated by researchers, in favor of empirical work
that remains safely within the confines of established theories and

Our goal to is redress the balance. We encourage participants in this
stream to raise and discuss such questions as:

* the adequacy of computationalist accounts of mind

* the adequacy of conceptions of mental representation as structures
that encode structures out in the environment

* the consequences of excluding emotions, consciousness, and the social
realm from the purview of cognitive studies

* the consequences of Newell and Simon's "scientific bet" that
developmental constraints did not have to be studied until detailed
models of adult cognition had been constructed and tested

* the consequences of attempting to reconcile contemporary psychology
(which includes developmental psychology) with formal linguistics of
the Chomskyan variety (which appears to be resolutely
anti-developmental if not anti-psychological)

* the relationship between cognitive science and formal logic

A wide range of theoretical perspectives is welcome, so long as the
presenters are willing to engage in serious discussion with the
proponents of perspectives that are different from their own:

* Vygotskian approaches to culture and cognition

* Dynamic Systems theories

* Piagetian constructivism

* interactivism

* situated cognition

* neuroscience accounts such as those of Edelman and Grossberg

* accounts of emergence in general, and emergent knowledge in

* perception and action robotics

* functional linguistics

* genetic algorithms

* Information Processing

* connectionism

* evolutionary epistemology

Contributors should make their submissions to the Cognitive Science
Society, following the standard rules for formatting their papers (if
you have not received the hard-copy call for papers, check the CSS Web
site at


Contributors should attach a *separate cover page,* indicating that their
submissions are intended for the stream chaired by Sean O Nuallain and

Otherwise papers will be reviewed by Cognitive Science Society's
regular reviewers, and are not likely to get a sympathetic response.

The "stream" will consist of at least two paper sessions (a
total of 8 papers, 20 minutes each) at the Cognitive Science Society. *If
we get enough good submissions, we can request more paper sessions*.

All submissions to our stream will be reviewed by *our
special reviewers*. Besides the co-chairs, these are:

Ken Aizawa (

Mark Bickhard (

Selmer Bringsjord (

Andrew Brook (

Brian Cox (

Terry Dartnall (

Mary Hegarty (

Ken Livingston (

Eoghan Mac Aogain (

Karl F. MacDorman (

Paul Mc Kevitt (

Ronan G. Reilly (

Tony Veale (

Robert L. Campbell
Professor, Psychology
Brackett Hall 410A
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-1511 USA
phone (864) 656-4986
fax (864) 656-0358
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Message 2: WML: deadline extended

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 21:07:19 +0100
From: Carlos Martin Vide <>
Subject: WML: deadline extended

 Pennsylvania State University, April 17, 1998

 Submissions deadline extended: January 24

 Information at

 (.ps files are preferred)
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