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Thu May 21 1998

Sum: Books on Spanish Dialectology

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  1. Elizabeth Martinez, Books on Spanish Dialectology

Message 1: Books on Spanish Dialectology

Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:33:49 -0700
From: Elizabeth Martinez <>
Subject: Books on Spanish Dialectology

Back in April I wrote requesting suggestions for books, videos,
articles, etc. on Spanish Dialectology for an new introductory
undergraduate course. I promised I would share with you the responses
that I received. Please forgive my tardiness in responding. Many
thanks to those who have shared: (Anthony M. Lewis)
cjuenglingSTCLOUDSTATE.EDU (Charles Fritz Juengling) (Fernando Jarabo) (Glenn Martnez) (Joaquim Brando de Carvalho) (James L. Fidelholtz) (Jos-Luis Mendivil Giro) (First Search Mail) (A. Jacqueline Toribio) (A. Torrejn)

Here is a list of the books that were suggested:

Alvar, Manuel. Manual de dialectologa hispnica: el espaol de Espaa.
1a. ed. Barcelona: Editorial Ariel. 1997.

_____. Manual de dialectologa hispnica: el espaol de Amrica. 1a. ed.
Barcelona: Editorial Ariel. 1997.

_____. Por los caminos de nuestra lengua. Alcal de Henares, Spain:
Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Alcal de Henares. 1995.

Alvar Ezquerra, Manuel. La formacin de palabras en espaol. Madrid:
Arco/Libros. 1993.

_____ and Juan Andrs Villena Ponsoda. Estudios para un corpus del
espaol. Mlaga: Universidad de Mlaga. 1994.

Bergen, John J. Spanish in the United States: sociolinguistic
issues. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 1990.

Bjarkman, Peter C. and Hammond, Robert M. American Spanish
pronunciation: theoretical and applied perspectives. Washington,
D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 1989.

Canfield, D. Lincoln. Spanish Pronunciation in the Americas.
Chicago: U of Chicago Press. 1981.

Carmona, Haydee Rubio de. Phonetic shift in Venezuelan Spanish.
M.A. Thesis (1984). Florida: University of Florida. 1984.

Cedergren, Henrietta, et al. Estudios sobre la fonologa del espaol
delCaribe. 1a ed.
 Caracas, Venezuela: Ediciones La Casa de Bello. 1986.

Colhoun, Edward Russell. Local and non-local frames of reference in
Puerto Rican dialectology. Ph. D. Thesis (1967). New York: Cornell
University. 1982.

Corpas Pastor, Gloria. Manual de fraseologa espaola. Madrid: Gredos.

Coseriu, Eugenio. Sentido y tareas de la dialectologa. 1a ed. Mexico:
Instituto de Investigaciones Filolgicas, Centro de Lingstica Hispnica.

Cotton and Sharp. Spanish in the Americas. Washington, D. C.:
Georgetown University Press. 1988. D'Introno, Francesco.
Fundamentos de lingstica hispnica. Madrid: Editorial Playor.

El dialecto Chicano de Texas: Mexican American dialectology
course. Austin: Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Texas.

Garcia Z., Carlos. Dialectologa general. Medelln: Universidad de
Antioquia, Facultad de Educacin, Centro de Educacin a Distancia y
Extensin. 1986.

Gimeno Menndez, Francisco. Dialectologa y sociolingstica espaolas.
2a. ed. Alicante, Spain: Universidad de Alicante. 1993.

Guitart, Jorge M. Markedness and a Cuban dialect of Spanish.
Washington: Georgetown University Press. 1976.

_____and Joaqun Roy. La estructura fnica de la lengua castellana:
fonologa, morfologa, dialectologa. Barcelona: Anagrama. 1980.

Hammond, Robert M. and Melvyn C. Resnick. Studies in Caribbean
Spanish dialectology. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

Hernndez, Humberto and Manuel Alvar Ezquerra. Aspectos de lexicografa
 Barcelona: Biblograf. 1994.

Lipski, John M. El espaol de Amrica. Madrid: Catedra. 1996. _____.
Fontica y fonologa del espaol de Honduras. 1a ed. Honduras:
Editorial Guaymuras. 1987.

_____. Latin American Spanish. New York: Longman. 1994.

_____. Linguistic aspects of Spanish-English language switching.
Tempe, Ariz.: Center for Latin American Studies, Arizona State
University. 1985.

_____. Structural linguistics and bilingual interference: problems
and proposals. Jamaica, N.Y.: Bilingual Press. 1976.

_____. The language of the isleos: vestigial Spanish in Louisiana.
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1990.

Montes Giraldo, Jos Joaquin. Dialectologa general e hispanoamericana:
orientacin terica, metodolgica y bibliogrfica. 3a ed. Santaf de
Bogot: Instituto Caro y Cuervo. 1995.

Moreno Fernndez, Francisco. La Divisin dialectal del espaol de
Amrica. Alcal de

Henares, Spain: Universidad de Alcal, Servicio de Publicaciones.

Nieves, Enrique. An introductory study on New York City Spanish
dialectology. Ed. D. Thesis (1975). New York: Columbia University.

Pearson, Lynn Ellen. The position of Isleo in Hispanic
dialectology. 1992.

Resnick, Melvyn C. The coordination and tabulation of phonological
data in American Spanish dialectology. Ph. D. Thesis (1968). New
York: University of Rochester. 1975.

Roca, Ana and John M. Lipski. Spanish in the United States:
linguistic contact and diversity. New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 1993.

Zamora Munne, Juan Clemente and Jorge Guitart. Dialectologa
hispanoamericana: teora, descripcin, historia. 2a ed. Salamanca,
Spain: Colegio de Espaa. 1988.

Zamora Vicente, Alonso. Dialectologa espaola. 2a ed. Madrid:
Editorial Gredos. 1985.

Other suggestions:

Kany. Hispanoamerican Syntax. trans. Sintaxis hispanoamericana.
Madrid: Gredos. (may not be exact title)

Toms Navarro Toms on phonetics and other topics.

for more help try

I did not receive any suggestions for videos, however a colleague of
mine was at a conference recently and one of the speakers did a
presentation on the isleos in Louisiana. She said there was a video,
so as soon as I can get the information from her, I will pass it on.

Una vez ms...muchsimas gracias colegas por su ayuda. 

Elizabeth A. Martnez
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424
(843) 953-8066
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