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Message 1: CSDL-4

Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:21:12 -0400
From: csdl-4 <>
Subject: CSDL-4



OCTOBER 10-12, 1998

GENERAL INFORMATION: All talks will be held in the Geosciences/
Anthropology Building on the Emory University campus. Please note there
will be a discount for early registration (before June 10). We also
strongly encourage you to book your hotel reservations before that
time, as a limited block of rooms has been reserved at the Emory Inn near
the campus. Detailed information about preregistration, transportation,
and accomodations can be found at the conference web site:

Preliminary Schedule

Friday, October 9

7:30 pm:Pre-conference Symposium on Primate Communication.
 will discuss their research at the Yerkes Regional Primate Reseach
 Center on vocal and gestural communication engaged in by our
 nearest primate relatives.

Saturday, October 10

9:00 Ron LANGACKER (UC San Diego), "What WH Means"
9:25 Liang TAO (Ohio U), "Switch Reference and Zero Anaphora: Emergent
 Reference in Discourse Processing"
9:50 Mira ARIEL (Tel Aviv U), "The Cognitive Basis of Resumptive
10:15 Michael ISRAEL (UC San Diego), "Argument Structure and Scalar

10:40 Break

11:00 David DANAHER (U of Denver), "Metonymy in Cognition, Literature,
	and Phenomenology: A Case Study"
11:25 Phyllis WILCOX (U of New Mexico), "Two Dogs and a Metaphorical
	Chain: An Intertropic Cognitive Phenomenon"
11:50 Carol Lynn MODER (Oklahoma State U), "Metaphors in Context:
 Linguistic Form and Conceptual Mapping"
12:15 Anna PAPAFRAGOU (Univ. College London), "Metaphor and Cognition:
 Evidence from English and Modern Greek"

 The following posters will be on display and presenters will be
 available for discussion; a buffet lunch will be available in the
	same room.
Tamer AMIN (Clark U), "The syntax and semantics of HEAT and TEMPERATURE:
 A cognitive linguistics approach to the layperson's understanding
	of scientific terms.
John BARNDEN (U of Birmingham), "Conceptual Blending and an 
	Implemented System for Metaphor-Based Reasoning"
Benjamin BERGEN (UC Berkeley), "The Experiential Foundations of Metaphors
 for Society: Metaphorical Analogy and the Personification of
Roberta CORRIGAN (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), "Semantic Factors Influencing
 the Attribution of Causality in Interpersonal Events"
Lourdes DE LEON and John HAVILAND (CIESAS & Reed College), "The emergence
 of the participant: gesture, verbs, and interaction in early
	Tzotzil 'speech'"
Galina DOBROVA (State Pedagogical U. of Russia), "What is More Important
 in the Study of Language Acquisition: Form or Function? 
	(Children's References to Self in Perception and Production)"
Michele EMANATIAN (Five Colleges, Amherst), "Metaphor Clustering in
Sharon HUTCHINS (Emory U), "Phonesthemes as Classifiers within the English
 Root: Revisiting Manner and Path in English and Spanish"
Scott LIDDELL (Gallaudet U), "Reification in Spatial Blends"
Mei-chun LIU (National Chiao Tung U) and Chu-ren HUANG (Academia Sinica),
 "From Nonimals to Temporal Targets: A Lexical Invitation for
 Conceptual Transfer and Discourse Participation"
Paul MAGLIO (IBM) and Teenie MATLOCK (UC Santa Cruz), "Emergent Structure
 in Information Space"
Todd OAKLEY (Case Western Reserve U), "Syntactic Error as Conceptual
Misumi SADLER (U of Arizona), "Grammaticization of the direct object
 Marker 'o' in Japanese: A discourse-based study"
Kiyoko TAKAHASHI (Chulalongkorn U), "Functions and forms of access path
 expressions in Thai"
Sarah TAUB (Gallaudet U), "Multiple Metaphors in Single ASL Signs"
Longxing WEI (Montclair State U), "Complex Lexical Structure and
 Interlanguage Development"

Section on Discourse and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC):
Victor BALABAN (Emory U), "Self and Agency in Face-to-Face and On-Line
Sage GRAHAM (Georgetown U), "'Hello, Welcome to My World!': The Emergence
 of Conversational Style in Personal Homepages"
Alexandra JAFFE (U of Southern Mississippi), "Virtual Greeting Cards"
Diane SCHALLERT, Ronald BENTON, Melissa DODSON, Nicole AMADOR, Maria
 LISSI, JoyLynn REED, and Fan-Ni LIU (U of Texas, Austin),
	"Individual cognition and social construction of discourse in CMC
	classroom discussions"

2:15 THEME SESSION -- Grammatical Constructions: Form and Function
 Joan BYBEE (U of New Mexico), "Constructions as Processing Units"
 Brian MACWHINNEY (Carnegie Mellon U), "Embodiment, Perspective, and
 Argument Structure"
 T. GIVON (U of Oregon), "The Grammar of Perspective in Fiction"

4:15 Break

4:30 Regina PUSTET (U of Munich), "Copula and Time-Stability"
4:55 Patrick JUOLA (U of Oxford), "Text Distortion as a Measure of
 Communicative Function and Complexity"
5:20 Steven FINCKE (UC Santa Barbara), "Three Levels of Core-Oblique
 Distinction in Bikol"
5:45 Kristine Jensen DE LOPEZ (Aarhus U), "Learning to Organize Space by
 Use of Body Part Terms, Prepositions, and Verbs of Motion and
6:10 AslI OZYUREK (Max Planck Inst.), "Differences in Speech and Gesture
 Organization in Turkish and English Spatial Discourse"

Sunday, October 11

9:00 Dieter HILLERT (UC San Diego), "Access to Idiomatic and Literal
 Meanings during Real-Time Sentence Processing"
9:25 Michael BARLOW and Suzanne KEMMER (Rice U), "Idioms and Blending"
9:50 Roderick JACOBS (U of Hawai'i), "Discourse Cueing and the Idealized
10:15 Miguel OLIVEIRA (Simon Fraser U), "The Function of Self-
 Aggrandizement in Storytelling"

10:40 Break

11:00 Soteria SVOROU (San Jose State U), "Regions in Language"
11:25 Barbara MALT (Lehigh U), Steven SLOMAN and Silvia GENNARI
 (Brown U), Meiyi SHI and Yuan WANG (Lehigh U), "Similarity and the
 Linguistic Categorization of Common Objects"
11:50 Sherman WILCOX (U of New Mexico), "Cognitive Iconicity and Signed
 Language Universals"
12:15 Michael SMITH (Oakland U), "Some Aspects of Path-like Iconicity in
 German Separable Verb Constructions"

12:40 Lunch

2:00 THEME SESSION -- Functional and Cognitive Approaches to the Study
		of First Language Acquisition
 Eve CLARK (Stanford U), "The Uptake of Words and Semantic
 Nancy BUDWIG (Clark U), "Perspective, Deixis, and the Development
		of Voice"
 Michael TOMASELLO (Max Planck Inst. & Emory U): "Acquiring and
 Constraining Verb-Argument Constructions"

4:00 Break

4:15 Satoshi UEHARA (Tohoku U), "Subjective Predicates in Japanese:
 A Cognitive Approach"
4:40 Michel ACHARD (Rice U), "Conceptual Raising"
5:05 Sally Rice (U of Alberta) and Hubert CUYCKENS (U of Hamburg &
 Antwerp), "Does Ontogeny Recapitulate Phylogeny in the Emergence
 of Infinitival 'to'? A Developmental and Diachronic Case Study"

5:30 Break

5:45 Christopher JOHNSON (UC Berkeley), "Constructional Grounding: On
	the Relation between Deictic and Existential there-Constructions in
6:10 Benjamin BERGEN and Madelaine PLAUCHE (UC Berkeley), "Voila voila:
 Metaphorical Extensions of Deictic Constructions in French"
6:35 Kevin MOORE (UC Berkeley), "Deixis and the 'Front/Back' Component
	of Temporal Metaphors"


Monday, October 12

9:00 Shannon MCEWEN and Sally RICE (U of Alberta), "'They all went to go
 play': Serial Verb Constructions in Children's Narratives"
9:25 Ivo SANCHEZ (UC Santa Barbara), "Prosodic Integration in Spanish
 Complement Clauses"
9:50 Tom SKOLD and Maria WIKTORSSON (Lund U), "Compositional and
 Non-Compositional Aspects of Written and Spoken Texts"
10:15 Barbara LUKA (U of Chicago) and Lawrence BARSALOU (Emory U),
 "Syntactic Accomodations in Discourse and the Implicit Memory for
 Syntactic Structures"

10:40 Break

11:00 Ferdinand DE HAAN (U of New Mexico), "On the Grammaticalization of
 Visual Evidentiality"
11:25 Susan DUNCAN (U of Chicago), "Evidence from Gesture for a
	Conceptual Nexus of Action and Entity"

11:50 Lunch

1:10 THEME SESSION -- Conceptual Blending and Metaphor
 Eve SWEETSER (UC Berkeley), "Performativity and Blended Spaces"
 Gilles FAUCONNIER (UC San Diego), "The Great Chain of Blending"
 George LAKOFF (UC Berkeley), Title TBA

3:10 (conference ends)
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