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Confs: DAARRC2

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  1. Dr Tony McEnery, Discourse, Anaphora and Reference Resolution 2

Message 1: Discourse, Anaphora and Reference Resolution 2

Date: Wed, 27 May 98 11:23:02 BST
From: Dr Tony McEnery <>
Subject: Discourse, Anaphora and Reference Resolution 2

			Final Call for Delegates
	DAARRC2 - Discourse, Anaphora and Reference Resolution Colloquium
		Lancaster University, 1 - 4th August , 1998

Invited Speakers -

	Prof. Michael Hoey "Looking at the Text Linguistics of Certain Words"
	Prof. Pieter Seuren "A Discourse-Semantic Account of Donkey Anaphora"
 Branimir Boguraev "Anaphora in Computational Linguistics"

In this email:

	Draft Programme
	Registration Form


Anaphora and problems of reference resolution have received a great
deal of attention from workers in linguistics, computational
linguistics, artificial intelligence and information retrieval for a
number of decades. Such problems have proved a major challenge for all
of these fields, and a great many differing theories and solutions have
been proposed and implemented with varying degrees of success. This
colloquium aims to fill a need for researchers in this field to meet.
Our hope is that this meeting will allow all of the different strands
of work to be identified, with a view to producing an up-to-date
review of the field.

To this end, a coloquium will take place from the 1st to the 4th of
August, 1998 at Lancaster University, UK, organized jointly by the
Department of Linguistics, Lancaster University and the Institute for
English Studies, Lodz University, Poland. This colloquium is a follow
up to the highly succesful DAARC colloquium held at Lancaster in 1996.
Our aim this time is specifically geared towards encouraging a
cross-fertilization of ideas between theoretical linguistics, corpus
linguistics and computational linguistics.

The DAARC2 Organizing committee

Simon Botley, Lodz University, Poland
Tony McEnery, Lancaster University, UK
Ruslan Mitkov, Wolverhampton University, UK
Pieter Seuren, Nijmegen University, Netherlands
Andrew Wilson, Chemnitz University, Germany

Draft Programme

Day 1

2 - 5		Registration	

7		Buffet/Wine Reception	

Day 2

8 - 9		Breakfast	

9 - 10	Plenary A - Michael Hoey "Looking at the Text Linguistics of 
		Certain Words"

10 - 11	Session A - Corpus 1 
		Marco Antonio de Rocha, University of Sussex, UK, "Anaphora, 
			Collocations and Discourse Markers in Dialogues in English and 
		Michael Barlow, Rice University, USA, "Feature Mismatches and 
			Anaphora Resolution"	

11 - 11:30	Coffee	

11:30 - 1	Session B Computational 
		Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton, UK, "Evaluating Anaphora
			Resolution Approaches"	
		Suzanne LuperFoy, Mitre Corporation, USA, "Computational Analysis
			of Indirect Anaphora"
		S. Azzam, K. Humphreys, and R. Gaizauskas, University of Sheffield, 
			UK, "Extending a Simple Coreference Algorithm with a Focusing 

1 - 2:30	Lunch	

2:30 - 4:00 Session C - Theoretical Approaches 1 
		Kris Fletcher, University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, "Proactive 
			Versus Retroactive Processing In Pronominal Resolution"	
		Sophia Cormack, University of Sunderland, "Incremental Pronoun 
			Resolution in Discourse Representation Theory"	
		Miriam Eckert, University of Edinburgh, UK, "The German Topic 
			Position and Null Anaphora "

4 - 4:30	Tea	

4:30 - 6:30	Session D - Theoretical Approaches 2 
		Ileana Comorowski, University of Nancy, France, "Wh-Complements and 
			Donkey Anaphora"	
		Evelyn Fogwe, University of Hamburg, Germany, "Anaphora dn Binding 
			in Meta Questions"	
		Seth Minkoff, University of New Mexico, USA, "Structural And Hybrid 
		Ana Teresa Alves,Univesridade dos Azores, Portugal, "Sentential 
			Anaphora and Restrictions on Temporal Operators"	

7:30	Dinner	

Day 3

8 - 9		Breakfast	

9 - 10		Plenary B - Pieter Steuren, Nijmegen University, Netherlands, 
			"A Discourse-Semantic Account of Donkey Anaphora"	

10 - 11	Session E - Corpus 2 
		Ronald Geluykens, University of Munster, Germany, "Conversational 
			Anaphora and Referential Repair in English"	
		Botley & Uzar, University of Lodz, Poland, "Investigating Learner 
			English Anaphora the PELCRA Way"

11 - 11:30	Coffee	

11:30 - 1	Session F - Computational 
		Donna Byron and James Allen, University of Rochester, USA, 					"Resolving Demonstrative Anaphora in the TRAINS93 Corpus"
		Amit Bagga, Duke University, USA, "The Evaluation of Coreferences 			and Coreference Resolution Systems"	
		Roland Stuckardt, University of Frankfurt, Germany, "An Efficient 
			Centering-Based Algorithm for Anaphor Resolution"	

1 - 2:30		

2:30 - 4:00 Session G - Theoretical approaches 3 
		Fridirique Depain-Delmotte, University of Besancon, "Resolving 
			Anaphoric Reference - A Multi-Strategy Approach" 	
		Gary Wilson, University of Lincolnshire & Humderside, UK, "Do 
			Situational or Thematic Roles Provide the best cues to pronoun
		Maarten Jaansen, University of Utrecht, Netherlands, "Nominal versus 
			Plain Anaphora"

4:00 - 4:30	Tea	

4:30 - 6:30	Session H - Theoretical approaches 4 
		Tomoko Tsujimoto, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan, "Discourse 
			deixis: this, that and it"	
		Kirsi Hiltunen, University of Joensuu, Finland, "Reflexive Pronouns 			in Finnish: Syntactic or Pragmatic?"	
		Andrei Popescu-Belis and Isabelle Robba, LIMSI-CNRS, France, 
			"Evaluation of Coreference Rules on Complex Narrative Texts"		Antonio Branco, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence 
			and University of Lisbon, Germany/Portugal, "A Lean Constraint 
			Based Implementation of Binding Theory"

7:30	Dinner	

Day 4

8 - 9		Breakfast	

9 - 10		Plenary C, Bran Boguraev "Anaphora in Computational Linguistics"	

10 - 11	Session I - Corpus 3 
		Tony McEnery, Simon Botley & Paul Baker, Lancaster & Lodz 
			University, UK/Poland, "Developmental Deixis - deixis in the 			age range 7 - 11"
		Antonio Ferandez, M. Palomar and L. Moreno, Alicante University, 
			Spain, "A Computational Approach to Pronominal Anaphora, One
			Anaphora and Surface-Count Anaphora"	

11 - 11:30	Coffee	

11:30 - 1	Session J - Computational 3 
		Claude Belisle and Denis Morell, Universities of Tours & Nantes, 				France, "The Automatic building of a relationships tranducer 			between proper names based on relational database system - an 
			example of detection and processing of relationships between 
			names of places and names of inhabitants"	
		Ivadre Parabono and Vera Lucia Strube de Lima, Pontificia 					Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 
			"Possessive Pronominal Anaphor Resolution in Portuguese 
			Written Texts" 	
		Jan Kuper, University of Twente, Netherlands, "Anaphora in the Case 
			of Universal and Existential Quantifiers"	

1 - 2:30	Lunch	


		DAARC2 Registration Form

To register:

1. Send this form by surface mail to:

		Department of Linguistics and 
		Modern English Language,
		Lancaster University,
		Lancaster LA1 4YT 
		United Kingdom

2. Or fax it to:	+44 - 1524 - 843085

3. Or email it to:

Please register BEFORE 5th June 1998, otherwise we cannot guarrantee
the availability of accommodation.

The fee for DAARC2 includes the following: 

Attendance at all DAARC2 sessions
Conference Pack including Proceedings
accommodation on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd August
Meals:		1st August: evening buffet and wine reception
		2nd August: mid-morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee and 
		3rd August: breakfast plus mid-morning coffee, lunch, afternoon 
		coffee and dinner.
		4th August: breakfast, mid-morning coffee, lunch

accommodation is provided in single study bedrooms on the Lancaster
University main campus. Should you wish to bring a partner and require
double or twin room accommodation please contact the organizers as soon
as possible. Such accommodation is limited at the the campus and will be 
given on a first come first served basis.

Payment Details:

Fees are payable in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES
PAYABLE TO 'LANCASTER UNIVERSITY'. Sterling money orders can also be
used for payment, and must be made payable to 'LANCASTER UNIVERSITY'. 
US Dollar cheques are also acceptable, using a fixed exchange rate of
1.5 $US to the Pound. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card
payments. You may pay at the conference in cash. Please indicate
clearly on the form if you wish to exercise this option. Early
registration discounts do not apply to such registrations, however.



Name:			_______________________________________________

Title:			_______________________________________________

Department:		_______________________________________________

Organisation:		_______________________________________________

Address:		_______________________________________________

Postcode/City:		_______________________________________________

Country			_______________________________________________

Telephone:		____________________________

Fax:			____________________________

Email:			____________________________

Payment before 14/6/98
						Residential	280.00 GBP [ ]
						Student		200.00 GBP [ ]
						Non-Residential	150.00 GBP [ ]

Payment after 14/6/98 [ ] OR Payment at registration [ ] (Tick as appropriate)

						Residential	300.00 GBP [ ]
						Student		220.00 GBP [ ]
						Non-Residential	170.00 GBP [ ]

Accompanying persons:

Accompanying persons, who will not attend the conference but who are
travelling with delegates, may register for the conference for
accommodation and meals only at an 80 GBP discount on the full
residential price. They should fill in registration form and amend it
accordingly, marking it clearly ACCOMPANYING PERSON.

NOTE: Students must provide written evidence of their full time student
status, such as an official headed letter from their supervisor.

Additional accommodation on night of July 31st
(including breakfast on 1st of August):				40.00 GBP [ ]

Additional accommodation on the night of 4th August
(including breakfast on the 5th August):			40.00 GBP [ ]

Special dietary requirements:

None	[ ]	Vegetarian	[ ]		Vegan	[ ]		Other	[ ]	
									Please specify:


Any other comments:


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