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Thu Jun 4 1998

Confs: Wholes and Their Parts

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  1. Roberto Poli, Wholes and Their Parts

Message 1: Wholes and Their Parts

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 14:23:07 +0100
From: Roberto Poli <>
Subject: Wholes and Their Parts

Castel Maretsch, 17-19 June 1998, Bolzano (Italy)

June 17
9 Registration
10 Bill Lawvere, Categorical analyses of the whole/part relation
11:30 Coffee break
12 John Bell, Whole and part in mathematics
13-15 Lunch
15 Steve Vickers, W/P in semantics for programming languages
16 Coffee break
16:30 Colin McLarty, W/P in foundations of mathematics
17:30 Carlo Cellucci, W/P in logical analysis

June 18
9 Gonzalo Reyes, A category-theoretic approach to Aristotle's term
logic, with special reference to mass nouns
10 Ettore Casari, On Husserl's theory of wholes and parts
11 Coffee break
11:30 John Mayberry, The classical notion of number and the modern
	notion of set

12:30-15 Lunch

15 Niles Eldredge, Hierarchical biological systems
16 Coffee break

16:30 Alberto Peruzzi, Wholes and their parts in semantics and
	epistemology: local/global and internal/external
17:30 Roberto Poli, Wholes and their parts: the ontological stance

June 19 
9 Basil Hiley, W/P in mechanics and cosmology
10 Ron Langacker, Wholes and their parts in natural language
11 Coffee break
11:30 Alf Zimmer, W/P in Gestalt psychology
12:30-15 Lunch
15 Ellis D. Cooper, Wholes and parts in quale mechanics
15:20, Holger Schmid-Schnbein, In resonant physiological systems, the
	whole is less complicated than the sum of its parts
15:40 Irina Dobronravova, Parts and elements of the wholes in
16 Coffee break
16:30 Nili Mandelblit, The notion of dynamic unit: conceptual
developments in cognitive science
16:50 Anthony Atkinson, Wholes and their parts in cognitive psychology
17:10 Lawrence D. Roberts, Sentential meaning and its parts
17,30 Frederik Stjernfeld, Mereology and semiotics
17,50 Ariel Meirav, Plato's Theaetetus and the notion of a Gestalt

Further information and abstracts of (some of) the talks are available
at the IMC web site:

Roberto Poli
Department of Sociology and Social Research
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38100 Trento -- Italy
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